5 tasks that you can automate in your living room and you didn’t know

Uses of home automation in the living room

The home automation It will allow you to have greater control of your devices. For example, from your mobile you can see how much they are consuming or which ones you have on at any given time. But you can also program them and thus automate some tasks that you are sure to repeat constantly.

Illumination systems

An example is lighting systems. you can install smart bulbs in the living room or even sensors that will indicate the lighting that is at a given moment to adjust a lamp that you have, for example. Simply from your mobile you will be able to control it, since the bulbs can be connected via Wi-Fi.

But you will also be able to automate the on and off. You can do this by creating a plan, for example that they turn on and off at a time. There are also some more advanced models that turn on or off depending on whether they detect presence in the room.

Program the air conditioning

You will also be able to program the air conditioning. Whether you use air-conditioning What heating, it is possible to use home automation to control switching on and off. You will be able to save energy by not always having it on or turning it off when it reaches a certain temperature and thus not waste resources.

You will be able to count on a smart thermostat or an air conditioner with Wi-Fi. In both cases you can control them through your mobile phone, no matter where you are. You can turn them on or off, set a time, change the temperature…

Automate blinds

In addition, another common task that you can automate in the living room thanks to home automation is being able to automate blinds. If, for example, you want to raise the blind during daylight hours and lower it at night, you can program this directly and the blind will go up or down by itself at the times you indicate, without having to do anything else.

This is a very common process, which we can perform every day. Being able to automate it will allow us to save time. We will be able to avoid having to raise the blind manually or even be able to do it without having to be at home.

Turn any device off and on

Of course, you will be able to turn on and off devices that you have in the living room through a smart plug. They are small devices that will connect to Wi-Fi and that you can control remotely. From your mobile you will be able to turn off anything at any time, as well as program a schedule if you want.

Some smart plugs even allow you to know the consumption of each device. This will allow you to have greater control and you can also save on the electricity bill.

Television and video systems

One type of device that you will be able to control through home automation is the TV. A Smart TV can have the option to program the power on or off, control it remotely, even use other applications to access other connected devices in the home, etc. It is very common and you can also automate tasks.

In addition, you can also do the same with other video systems you have. You can always manage them from your mobile, make some settings, etc.

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