A smart plug can make your WiFi work better if you do this

A smart plug has quite a few uses. You will be able to connect any device to it and control it remotely, for example. You can also use it to find out how much energy an appliance consumes, link it to a smart speaker, etc. Even, as you will see, it can be helpful for improve the network wireless.

Improve your WiFi with a plug

The goal of using a smart plug to improve WiFi, is being able to have a wireless network always available to connect other devices and not have any problems. You will be able to notice an improvement in speed, but also in stability and avoid annoying cuts if you have them.

Connect interfering devices

One use you can give to smart plugs to improve your WiFi is to connect devices that can interfere. For example, you could connect Bluetooth speakers, controllers and other devices that are close to the television and use this wireless technology to that smart plug. When using the 2.4 GHz frequency, it could affect the wireless network.

When you are going to connect to WiFi and you do not need these devices connected, you simply disconnect them through this plug. If you use a smart power strip, you can even turn off several at once and you won’t have to go one by one. You will avoid interference and you will ensure that, at least in that area, the wireless network works better.

Control a repeater

You could also connect some WIFI repeater to that smart plug. You don’t need it to be always on, since you can easily enable it or not from your mobile. Simply turn this plug on or off and you’re done. You can achieve the same thing with a PLC device, Mesh system, a second router…

It will be easy to control these devices and it could be quite useful. You can always place them in strategic areas, where you may need to have a better connection, and thus enable them when you have to connect a device to the network.

Schedule reboots on the router

Although you can schedule the router to reboot from time to time in the device’s own configuration, not all of them have this function. You could also use a smart plug, as long as it has the feature of being able to program it on or off.

Why is it good to restart the router? As with other devices, it has to handle many requests. That can lead to problems if it becomes saturated. Over time, it can cause it to malfunction and have problems. Therefore, restarting it can sometimes be the solution to make it work better.

As you can see, a smart plug could even be useful to improve the WiFi network. You can place it in areas where you want to control devices, schedule router restarts or turn on a specific device. It is key that the router’s WiFi works well, so as not to have problems when connecting it.

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