5 technologies that will change the cars and motorcycles of the future

Automotive and transportation technology is changing in the last decade more than in the last century. The foray into the market by brands like Tesla has led to the development of a series of technologies that help us envision a not-so-distant future of fully autonomous and electric vehicles. A brief review of several of the most innovative systems helps us to know how the automotive industry is going to change in the coming years, not decades.

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The car battery that is charged in 5 minutes

It is not a surprise that the future of vehicles goes through electrification. Companies such as StoreDot have developed a battery made of germanium-based nanoparticles capable of accelerate the transmission of energy between cells , which improves the loading speed exponentially.

The Israeli company has already produced a first batch of 1,000 batteries thanks to the intervention of Eve Energy, a Chinese company specialized in the manufacture of batteries. Apparently, StoreDot’s goal is to take its development to car manufacturers to mass-produce these batteries. Of course, charging requires a special charger whose specifications must meet a series of requirements.

Tesla’s Total Autonomous Driving

Today, many companies have interested in autonomous driving. Google and Apple are two of the companies that have weight in the industry, but the truth is that Tesla has been the only one that has presented a model in tests for the market of consumption.

Just a few months ago, the company owned by Elon Musk filed a public beta of its particular autonomous driving system for a few users in the United States. Although the CEO has not yet given a final product date, it is most likely that this function will end up being extended to the rest of Tesla cars with the company’s latest hardware, although there are few experts who are reluctant to this system due to the lack of of LiDAR sensors.

In fact, the operation of the current version uses only the vehicle cameras , which could hinder its performance in certain scenarios.

The car as a place of leisure and enjoyment

The advancement of different brands in autonomous driving systems has allowed companies like Samsung to design entire systems for leisure in the car. The idea of ​​the South Korean manufacturer is to surround the dashboard with a screen that allows us to enjoy multimedia content on demand .

Although in principle this system is designed to be enabled while standing still, autonomous driving would allow us to enjoy all these experiences while the vehicle drives for us.

Batteries with 1,000 kilometers of autonomy

Another of Tesla’s promises regarding its vehicles came with the last Battery Day , an event designed to explain the company’s progress in the field of batteries. At the last conference, Musk unveiled the new technology that would be developed in the coming years and that would serve to equip the Tesla Semi, Tesla’s electric truck, with a autonomy of no less than 1,000 kilometers .

This technology would be the same that would arrive together with the Tesla Roadster 2, the Tesla super sports car that promises to offer the same autonomy as the previous model . Predictably, the company will gradually extend the new advances to the current fleet of vehicles. Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X…

Pants with airbag for safer motorcycle trips

It is a fact that driving a motorcycle is less safe than that of a four-wheel vehicle under equal conditions. A bad fall on the asphalt can cause the immediate death of the driver, something that the company Airbag Inside Sweden AB has tried to remedy with its latest prototype of motorcycle travel pants.

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The pants have a system of airbags that expand when the driver is thrown onto the asphalt. The invention imitates the operation of the suits that Moto GP riders and other lower categories ride. In fact, it has a inflation system that allows us to refill the gas bags to reuse the pants as many times as we want.

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