The coolest inventions we've seen at CES 2021

Screens that roll up, transparent TVs in the style of Minority Report, a butler robot that puts your dishes in the dishwasher, or even an application of the famous Satisfyer sex toy for you to give orders in an alien language. In Klyngon.

Good. Well, these are just some of the inventions that we have seen at CES 2021 . And I mean the Consumer Electronic Show, the world’s most famous Consumer Electronics Show. A fair that, this year, is being the strangest in history. CES has been held since 1967 in Las Vegas and is one of the biggest events of the year in the world of technology. Look, just last year they set up 6,000 stands and more than 160,000 people visited it. It is the first showcase of the year where companies show their most recent and surprising inventions.

Of course. This year’s Fair has not been like others. We have not been in rooms full of journalists and professionals. We have also not seen live performances, or big events in the casinos. CES 2021 has been held online, but it has continued to teach us inventions that have left us speechless.

This week we bring you a bit of the future to dream and enjoy what we will have in stores throughout 2021. And some are inventions that could change our life … Or, at least, make it more fun.

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Last year everything at the Las Vegas fair was flexible displays. This year it seems that it will be the year of the roller screens. Tell us about these curious inventions.

At the moment there are two companies that have shown their roller panels. The first is the Korean firm LG. Last year he already released a very cool TV that was unrolled from a base. Now it’s the turn of your first mobile with a roll-up screen. Of course, I bring you good and bad news.

Start with the good news, we are already well equipped with the bad news.

The good news is that the mobile will go on sale this year. In 2021. So there will be no waiting time and time as has happened other times with the coolest inventions. You know, what happens a lot when they present amazing things. In the end, they are usually prototypes that take many years to go on sale.

Good. In other words, this year we will have the first mobile with a roll-up screen. And what is the bad news? You won’t tell me it’s going to cost 5,000 euros…

No, man, no. They have left the honey on our lips with a sample of the mobile, but no more details. Not the price, not the size, not the specifications … They haven’t even told us what it’s called. The only thing we know is that it will open automatically in width.

The Russian from tuexperto.com, Victor Manzhirova, is talking about a roll-up screen from LG that has just been presented at the Las Vegas fair. At this year’s famous Consumer Electronic Show. And he told us that there is a second company that has also presented its roller screen. Victor, tell us more.

The Asian firm TCL has also presented roller screens. A Chinese corporation that sells its Alcatel and mobile phones worldwide, now under the TCL signature. They also have large television screens … Anyway. The thing is, at this show in Las Vegas, TCL has presented two different roller screens. Both with OLED technology.

You said OLED. Which comes from the English acronym “Organic Light Emitting Diode”. In Spanish it would be something like “Organic diode that emits light”. OLED displays are bright and very thin. They can be flexible and display images without having to put a backlight like LCD or Liquid Crystal screens.

In effect, we are talking about OLED screens like those carried by some mobiles and televisions. But, in this case, they are roller screens. The fact is that the first one that the TCL guys have presented is for a mobile that will open with a press. And, the good thing is that this phone we carry has a 6.7-inch screen. Well, when you press, a key is transformed in a jiffy into another mobile, this time, with a 7.8-inch screen.

It is something like a mobile that turns into a tablet.

Exactly. In this case, the extra screen grows along the length, instead of the width as we saw before that happened with LG’s roll-up screen. The second concept that TCL has presented seems even cooler to me. It is a 17-inch roll-up screen on a stand that opens like papyrus by pulling on both sides. And it has a very thin flexible screen. A screen that is only 0.18 millimeters thick.

This reminds me of the roller screen that was seen in the movie Planet Red. A space movie that was released in the year 2000. In the film, some astronauts came to Mars and took out their roll-up screens similar to the one you count …

Voucher. And when will the TCL roll-up screens be released?

We have had super bad luck. At the moment, they are only prototypes. They have not given a market launch date. But there they are and you can see the two roller screens.

One of lime and the other of sand. Goodeeeee. What else curious things have you seen at this year’s Las Vegas fair?

A OLED TV from the Korean firm LG (the Koreans are very active lately). They have presented a TV that has a 55-inch transparent panel. Specifically, this screen has a transparency of 40%, so you can see what happens on the other side if you want. Speaking of movies, it reminds me a bit of the panels that Tom Cruise ran in Minority Report. The truth is that the screen is very curious. In one of the practical applications they have taught, this transparent TV sits at the foot of a smart bed. It has a frame that goes up and down. You hit a button, the TV goes up to the foot of the bed and the good thing is that you can see what happens behind the screen. At the moment, we have neither the launch date nor the price of this futuristic TV.

We leave the freaking screens to talk of robots. Have they presented any that have caught your attention?

I have met the perfect robot. An android that has presented the other Korean firm. I mean Samsung. The robot is called Samsung Bot Handy. And it reminds me a bit of the one that the Jew Howard Wollowitz handled in the TV series Big Bang Theory… It was a stick with an artificial arm. In the series, the robot caused Howard to end up in the hospital because his artificial hand got caught in his private parts … Down there.

I imagine that the objective of the Samsung robot will be different

Samsung’s is different. Bot Handy is actually a butler robot. An elongated robot with a screen featuring eyes that change expression and comes with a robotic arm. The bottom part reminds me of a robot vacuum cleaner with a circular shape and wheels to move on the floor. This robot uses artificial intelligence and a few cameras to analyze the environment and help you with various household tasks.

Vaale. And what can this butler robot do for us?

Next Generation Robotics | Samsung “width =” 1080 “>

The Samsung Bot Handy can do things like serve you food at the table . Then he can put your dishes in the dishwasher … More things. He can tidy things up in the room … He has an extendable robotic arm. And with that arm, he can handle objects on shelves and get to other difficult parts. Although I have to say …

What do you have to say?

That not everything is as good as it seems

Well, tell us the bad

As they say, it can also scold you in some cases. For example, if you spend a lot of time sitting at the computer without moving.

Come on, a butler robot who has personality and cares about your health. He’s not that bad either.

At the moment we do not have an approximate price or release date. But, I have to say that I was impressed. I found it surprising and very and very futuristic.

We are talking about roller screens, transparent TVs. From a butler robot that will help us with the housework … and everything, they just presented it at this year’s Las Vegas fair. At the famous CES or Consumer Electronic Show that has just been held online from the city of sin in the United States. Victor, what other inventions have you seen at this fair?

Well, look, I’ve seen some electronic glasses. For example, augmented reality glasses to ride a bike and play sports. I mean the Julvo Evad 1. We could say that they are a bit like the famous Google glasses that did not finish working. In this case, the grace is that while you ride a bike or do sports, you will be able to have all kinds of data about your exercise in view without obstructing your vision. For example, the distance you have traveled, the time you have been moving, your heart rate … and all that. They are very oriented to use them as I have said for the bike, they also have that design typical of the sports glasses that professional cyclists wear. They work by Bluetooth and have 12 hours of autonomy.

Don’t tell me: we don’t know anything about the price or the date of output

Exactly. This is something that sometimes happens at CES with the most curious inventions.

I think the Asian firm Lenovo has also taught other glasses

That’s right. The guys at Lenovo have shown their new smart glasses. They are called ThinkReality A3 and are for professionals who work in virtual environments. For example, for those who invest in the Stock Market, to work in 3D architectural environments or for immersive engineering projects. The glasses carry augmented reality can work as if they were a computer monitor, like a 3D screen or we can connect them with a Motorola mobile.

Are they immersive glasses?

Although they are immersive, they do not isolate you. They carry stereoscopic high definition screens (1080p) and several cameras. One is 8MP and records video in Full HD. The glasses will be available in some countries in mid-2021.

Let’s go with more curious inventions you have seen.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be for your toilet to give you health advice?

Not me.

Come on, come on. Well, that’s what Toto Wellness Toilet does, a smart toilet that analyzes your bowel movements in real time and gives you diet advice to have a healthier life. The Toto Wellness Toilet should arrive in 2021 but at the moment we don’t know how much it will cost.

But hey, man. I don’t want a toilet that talks to me … and even less that tells me “you have gone too far with chickpeas again.” Come on, let’s go with more curious inventions.

Here we go. And more than an invention, I am telling you a curiosity. The application of the famous sex toy, the Satisfyer has won an award from the Las Vegas fair. It is an app that allows us to connect vari sex toys at the same time and at a distance so that we can, among other things, have the same stimulation routine as our lover. It has caught my attention that one of the languages ​​in which you can have this application is Klyngon! The language of an alien race that appears in the TV series Star Trek.

The truth is that I cannot imagine a Klingon-faced tortoise setting up her sex toy. But who am I to judge a horny alien? Let’s go with another invention

The next one is called Eyrise i350. And it has been developed by the German company Eyrise. It is a curious window glass that is transparent in its natural state. However, when you press a button it becomes opaque, fuzzy and hazy. This way we ensure more privacy whenever we want. They are like digital curtains, but without curtains. The invention is more oriented to the world of companies, although later it can be used in hotels or in homes. Returning to the business world, imagine, for example, when the pandemic passes, that we meet in the office … We could blur the windows so that we are not seen while we plan to conquer the world.

We are with Victor Manzhirova, the Russian from tuexperto.com who is talking about amazing inventions that have just been presented at the technology fair in Las Vegas. At this year’s famous Consumer Electronic Show. Let’s focus, Victor. What is the next invention you have seen?

I don’t know what to think about this one. It’s called Moflin, and it looks like the Tribbles that, again, appear on the TV series Star Trek. Basically, the Moflin is like a plush-style furball with two little eyes and the ability to move the head and body slightly. But its magic is that it has artificial intelligence. He can learn over time as if he were growing up and make all kinds of cute sounds to express his emotions.

Let’s see, I think it’s a good idea in a house with people who want to have a pet, but who are allergic to animals. Yes. It seems to me to have a disturbing point. You know, as if the little robot hid some secret plan to kill you as soon as you are careless.

You are that, sometimes, you have to sometimes some thoughts, at least, original. To me, it seems like a pet robot, furry ball type

There you caught me. The fact is that this Moflin will be available in the coming months, although not yet in Spain. Its price will be around 400 euros. By the way, are you one of those who sing in the shower?

Sometimes why do you ask?

Because the next invention I’ve seen is a curious shower speaker made of recyclable plastic. The magic is that it is attached to the shower and is fed directly from the water, as if it were a miniature hydroelectric power station. This means that we will never have to recharge the battery. It has an internal 2,500 milliamp that offers us up to 20 hours of music playback so you can listen to music also when you are not showering.

What’s it called?

Its name is Super Power Shower and it is a project of Indiegogo, a famous page where creators seek funding. Right now you can order the speaker for a price of 65 euros. They say on the page that if you buy it now, it could arrive more or less in May of this year. As you can see, it is not the same as buying from Amazon. We leave you the link in case anyone is encouraged.

https: //www.indiegogo .com / projects / shower-power # /

Victor, do you have more inventions than those presented at the fair? Las Vegas this year?

The last two. The first was created by Continental, one of the most powerful companies in trailers and trailers. The invention allows truckers to see through the trailer behind them as if it were transparent. They do this by putting a couple of cameras and a control unit that allows you to see everything that happens behind the truck on the road and to the sides of the trailer. Of course, at the moment we do not know the departure date or how much it will cost to put it in your truck.

And what is the last invention?

This is the A-Patrol and it belongs to the multinational Ekin Smart City Solutions, a company specialized in creating bicycles and vehicles for smart cities. The A-Patrol is an autonomous police car designed to regulate traffic. It works with artificial intelligence and is capable of analyzing hot areas with a lot of car density to help manage traffic. It can be very useful to improve security in city areas such as hospitals or schools.

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