5 tips to avoid hacking your accounts on the Internet

How to prevent an account from being hacked online

lose control of a online account it can mean that intruders read all the information we have stored, they can impersonate the identity or get us into trouble. They could even access the device if we are not careful. It is essential to prevent this from happening.

Use strong passwords

The most important thing to avoid intruders in your Internet accounts is to use safe and strong passwords. We can say that it is the main security barrier and we should not make any mistakes there. In many cases we use keys that are weak, predictable and that will be exposed to us on the network.

A good password It must be unique, since if you repeat it on other sites it is a problem in case there is a vulnerability. It must contain letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. In addition, it should be changed from time to time to always maintain security.

Be careful what you link to the account

This is important to avoid problems in the future. It is common that we can link other records to an online account. For example link web pages to Facebook or even applications to the social network. But sometimes there may be bugs and vulnerabilities that compromise what you are linking to the account.

Therefore, you should carefully review which services to link to an account. Only in this way will you increase security and avoid problems in the future if there is any vulnerability.

Changes to improve Internet security

Use only official programs

Of course, to prevent your account from being hacked on the Internet you should also only use official apps. It is true that sometimes you can find programs that have additional functions and seem interesting, but that could compromise your security and not be so reliable.

Ideally, you should install software that has been previously reviewed. This way you will avoid installing applications that may be problematic. Also check that they are up to date at all times.

Have the system protected

Yet another method to prevent cyber attacks is to have the properly protected devices. It is very important to have a good antivirus, as this will help detect possible malware that arrives. In case you accidentally download a malicious file, the antivirus may issue a warning.

It is also important that the system is updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities appear and we can avoid them by installing a newer version. This is something that you should apply to the operating system, whatever it is, but also to the programs you use.

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

Finally, a fifth piece of advice to avoid hacks in online accounts is to avoid networks Public Wi-Fi. For example, we can name the wireless networks of airports, shopping malls, libraries… You don’t really know who could have created these networks and it could be a problem for your security.

To avoid being hacked through these Wi-Fi networks, a good idea is to use VPN applications. Of course, you must look very carefully that the VPN works correctly. What it does is encrypt the connection.

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