5 tricks to save electricity with your Smart TV that you did not know

How to save energy with television

No doubt the TV It is a device that we use constantly in our day to day. Therefore, it is a device that will have an important part of the total consumption of the bill. Trying to spend less energy is interesting so as not to have to pay more than the bill.

Do not leave it on Stand By

An essential piece of advice is not to leave the television on Stand By. It is very common that we turn it off with the remote, but the little red light will continue to be on. That means that it is available so that at any time we hit any button again and it will turn on. Although it is not something that is going to consume in excess, it is spending electricity.

Think of that little red LED being on 24/7 throughout the year. In the end, the sum of these little things is what is known as phantom consumption and it is estimated that it represents between 7 and 10% of the total annual consumption.

adjust brightness

Yes, the fact of adjusting the Brightness of the screen can make you save on the electricity bill. It is logical to think that the more brightness it has, the more expense it will have. At the end of the day, it is consuming more resources and needs more power to be able to function. Therefore, reducing brightness to a minimum when possible can help you pay less.

For example, you can lower the brightness if you are not looking directly at the television. A specific case is if you are cooking and you have the television on to listen to the news, but you are not really in front of it and you do not care if it looks better or worse.

Choose more efficient television

In this case, it is about choosing a television that is more efficient. Not all screens are the same. The leds of the latest generation will consume less than the LCDs of a few years ago, for example. In fact, it is estimated that they consume about 25% less. Without a doubt, this is important to lower the bill.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a new television soon, you should think about acquiring one that consumes as little as possible. Even if you have an old television, you can do the math and see if it pays you in the long run to spend an investment now on a new TV that uses less electricity.

Schedule shutdown

On certain occasions it can help you save money on your household bill. exist smart plugs that you can program so that the television turns off at a certain time. This way you’ll keep it from being on for hours until you come back or until you realize it’s on.

This can be useful if you have small children and you don’t want them to forget the TV on. You can even control it remotely and turn it off so that it is not wasting electricity.

Turn off Wi-Fi and other devices

In this case, you can save energy by disconnect other devices linked to the television as long as you do not use them. For example, you may not need the Wi-Fi connector to be always on or a video player to be connected. The same with speakers, game consoles or any other device.

Any device that you have plugged into the television is going to consume energy, even if it is little. In the end, the sum of everything can make you save money on the bill month after month.

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