5 ways to use Alexa every morning when you wake up that you did not know

Why use Alexa in the morning

One of the best known virtual assistants is Alexa. You can link it with many compatible devices and have control over them. You can configure them remotely, turn something on or off, create routines… It is very useful and you can also take advantage of it in the morning, every day as usual.

turn on the coffee maker

Something routine that you can automate thanks to Alexa is turning on the coffee maker. If you are one of those who drinks coffee every morning and you want it to be ready when you wake up, you will be able to do it without problems. For this you have a couple of options: use a smart coffee maker or use a smart plug connected to your electric coffee maker.

Through a smart plug you will be able to program the ignition of the coffee maker. In this way, at a certain time it will start and you will have the coffee ready when you get up. You can also tell Alexa to turn it on at a specific time.

Raise the blinds

Another daily task that we usually do in the morning when we get up is to climb the Blinds. In this way, daylight enters us and we avoid turning on lights, we ventilate the house, etc. There are smart devices that we can attach to the blind so that they go up or down automatically or when we configure it with the mobile.

Once again, Alexa allows us to automate this task or give an order by voice to raise the blind. It is a simple process and it can also be very useful in order to prevent the blinds from deteriorating when raising and lowering them manually every day.

different alarms

Of course, with Alexa you can set an alarm to wake you up But here we can name several types, since you will have a wide range of options. The most traditional is simply to wake you up as if it were an alarm clock. Also play music or the radio when you get up.

But in addition, another interesting function is that of programming the lighting of lights according to when you wake up or even before doing so. This way you will be able to wake up more progressively, with a light that will illuminate little by little.

Know the weather and traffic

Are you interested in knowing the temperature What do you do or are you going to do during the day? Are you going to take the car, it’s a holiday and you want to know the traffic status? All this you can easily find out thanks to Alexa. You can ask yourself the weather forecast, what the temperature is going to be or if there are traffic jams in the city where you are.

This can be something very common for day to day. You may look at this data every morning when you wake up and you will be able to automate it thanks to Alexa. It will show you this information in a simple way.

Listen to tasks

Also, something else that Alexa allows you is create a to-do list. For example, things that you have to do on a specific day and thus not forget about it. What you can do is use this virtual assistant in the morning to remind you what tasks you have to do so you don’t forget about them.

This is very useful and can be used so that every day in the morning while you have breakfast it reminds you what things you have to do that day. You will be able to keep track and you will not forget certain tasks.

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