6 Trophy Ideas To Make Next Employee Event A Real Fun

Most of the time, when a celebration or event is planned to celebrate employees, it’s thought to be boring. Also, they’re often thought of as uncomfortable. But, that doesn’t need to be the situation!

Events like these can be interesting and enjoyable. What better way to accomplish this than if everyone is encouraged to have fun and laugh? It is possible to do this by giving fun awards. For example, you can add the proposed creative award name to the custom medals. They can also be designed into unique shapes and patterns, and you can use all your ideas to make them happen! In this article, we present various ideas to ensure that rewarding employees can be hilarious. In this article, we present various ideas to ensure that rewarding employees can be hilarious.

1. “Eternally Late”

Everyone has a colleague who always shows up late. Similar to that, they will find reasons for every situation. They could blame the alarm and the bus, their dog, the coffee shop and many more reasons. Therefore, it’s a good idea to present them with the award in the category of “Eternally Late”.

To make it more fun you can give the award out to them late. In addition, the winner could be late for the presentation as well. No matter, whether you choose glass awards or metal awards, the engraving would be the crucial thing that should choose more precisely.

2. “How Was Your Weekend?”

Some coworkers try to conceal their desire to conceal the truth that they are seeking something from someone. The most popular method is to display a fake curiosity and ask what you thought of your weekend.

This is a great chance to come up with jokes and then offer them as a reward. It’s likely to be a hit due to the fact that it’s relatable is.

3. “Personal Space Ignorer”

Every office has an employee who does not respect the privacy of their colleagues. Each time they’re having a conversation or the person they’re talking to is asking for something, they’re too close. It could happen while walking, sitting or leaning.

Regardless, it’s inappropriate. It’s also an excellent opportunity to use it as a reason to add it to the fun celebration.

4. “The Social Director”

While there are employees with negative traits There are employees who are the most effective. This is what happens to the”social directors” or “social directors”. They make sure that office life is a fun environment to work in. They do this through events for groups like the happy hour, singing nights, soccer leagues, and other activities. This kind of employee is great for rewarding them for a great occasion.

5. “The Smelliest Lunch”

Every coworker delivers the most unpleasant-smelling lunches. Lunches that include eggs, broccoli, or fish which leave the office smelly for several days. This is the perfect occasion to inform them that they are not the only ones who smell their disgusting food.

6. “In a Meeting”

It’s a good idea to award the employees who are often “in a meeting”. It’s a popular excuse for not answering an important email or phone call. What better way to acknowledge this excuse for a long time than to reward it with the gift of a prize? It’s definitely an incentive for the habit of using the same excuse over and over again.

There you go. There are some great ways to dress your employees with the most fun. It’s how they can have an enjoyable time. But, take note of your company’s style of operation.

Gradually introduce each joke based on the individual’s needs to reward. You’re looking to enjoy yourself and not offend anyone.

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