9 minutes of Battlefield 2042 gameplay leaked and it looks spectacular

First leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay

The technical version in Alpha state of Battlefield 2042 is already an open secret. It is the fault of a 9 minute video in which you can see the course of a game on the Orbital map, located in Kourou, French Guiana, and where players have to face enemy fire in a very peculiar location, where a rocket will proceed to launch imminently.

In the video you can see for the first time the interface that the game will offer, as well as the pre-game screen where you can configure the equipment that we will carry in the middle of the battle. As many users point out, the game begins with a very desperate moment that has defined many Battlefield games throughout its generations, and that is that a helicopter ends the player’s life on several occasions. In any case, the course of it is quite striking, since the map invites you to enjoy each corner at the same time as we dodge the continuous attacks of enemy vehicles.

A very lively environment

Battlefield 2042 Map

Some of the details that we can appreciate is that the vegetation moves a lot, responding to explosions and the close pass of a helicopter, which seems quite surprising in live. Being a technical demo, there are still many graphical errors, something that we can clearly see in the sudden appearance of some bushes and other elements of the map. Obviously it is normal in these cases, so do not be alarmed.

As on other occasions, the map is gigantic. You can see that it is divided into several sectors and the action unfolds without stopping, finding several hot spots in very specific areas.

Can these videos be uploaded?

As you can imagine, the fact of sharing this information in the form of recorded gameplay is something that is completely prohibited. The players who participate in these tests must sign an NDA document with which they agree to keep secret all the information to which they have access, being completely prohibited the live broadcast of the games.

Well, it seems that a player has not respected the contract and has not hesitated to share with the world the first images of the game, something that we are all waiting to know, but that unfortunately should not be posted today. The normal thing is that all these videos disappear quickly from the internet at the moment that EA and Dice denounce the posted contents, so at one point or another they will disappear.

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