A patent reveals important news for PS VR 2

Everything seemed to indicate that Sony had to some extent abandoned its Virtual Reality glasses. It would not be the first time that the company acted in this way, since a few years ago it did the same with PSVita, despite how much it promised at a technological level .

However, the VR sector is experiencing a boom in the last year. The launch of great games like Half-Life: Alyx and, to a lesser extent, the new Medal of Honor, gives rise to an increase in sales , especially adding it to the lower price they have officially cost devices such as Oculus Rift S.

Sony wants to take advantage of the new pull in the sector and is already working on PS VR 2 . This is indicated by the patent that was presented at the end of last year and that has just been released. Thanks to it, it has been possible to find out new features that promise to completely change the experiences that until now had those who wore the glasses.

Interactive multiplayer

Jim Ryan’s words indicating that Sony wants to continue betting heavily on Virtual Reality seem to have made more sense than ever. They will not limit themselves to improving the resolution and scanning systems to more faithfully reproduce what the player does, but will experiment with a completely new technology.

Specifically, the patent reveals that it will work with ‘viewer devices’. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what he refers to, although insiders point to the smartphones of those who are next to the main gamer: that is, the one who is inside the virtual environment through VR glasses.

It will be then that their family, friends or acquaintances in general will see on the television the same thing that the main player is observing, but with their devices they will be able to interact . Perhaps they are accessories that Sony will sell separately in the future, thus getting more benefits with a technology that is already quite expensive.

In any case, as indicated by the patent, this type of interactive multiplayer will be based on making certain decisions . All of them will affect the user in one way or another, thus unleashing collective laughter and even the occasional friendly anger if their colleagues take them along a virtual path that is not highly recommended.

The audience , according to the patent of October last year that has just been leaked, will be more important than ever. In fact, at certain times it will have even greater relevance compared to that of the gamer who carries the PS VR 2.

Infinite possibilities for the future

PlayStation 4 already has games that invite interaction, although it is not directly. A clear example is that of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a title that forces the bearer of PS VR to defuse a bomb with the help of his companions .

This type of experience will be very promising in the future, presumably exclusively for PS5 . Direct interactions will provide great realism regardless of the genre to which the Virtual Reality video game belongs.

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