Down In Yongardy: on Kickstarter the game book set in the world of Troika!

From England he landed on Kickstarter Down In Yongardy, a game book inspired by the Fighting Fantasy series and which uses the mechanics and setting of Troika!, a title that many role players know thanks to the recent release of the RPG in Italian published by Need Games !.

Ready to start playing? Remember: in Yongardy they love the law!

Down In Yongardy lands on Kickstarter

Down In Yongardy resumes Troika! stripping it of the most advanced mechanics in favor of solo play, to catapult us into acrossroads adventure.

In this game book we will play the role of a new lawyer about to deal with the first case. But after entering the trial room everything changes very quickly and we will find ourselves from lawyer to accused. That is why we will be on the run through Yongardy for a crime we did not know we had committed!

Yongardy’s lawyers are legendary people. You grew up with their portraits on the wall, spent weekends in court, shoved to get a glimpse of the lawyers fighting their cases in court. You remember the sweat-filled air and the cheers and the steel-on-steel clash, the groans and screams of the crowd as their favorite lawyers faced off against each other.

So you’ve been practicing for years, studying the law as diligently as possible – never quite the best in your class, but never far off. Always consistent. They called you an up and coming.

Now the day is here. You are finally a qualified attorney, licensed to wear the wig and skin, to bring steel to the trial floor, that ancient tradition to which you have dedicated so much of your life. Your first proof is here. It is time to see how much you have learned. It is time to show everyone how much you love the Law.

The project (currently only in English) has already been funded on Kickstarter, but you can start taking a look at the game book by downloading thefree preview.

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