A way for you to pick up a new look in CS:GO cheaply

Love it or hate it but the skin market of CS is huge. Not just what you can see on the surface like what you see on the steam market but behind that lay CS:GO skin casino’s, gamble sites and other trading platforms. So what you are able to see on steam is just a small percentage of the actual skins and trades in circulation. The biggest cs:go trade went through at $780K. This happened face-to-face in China in a restaurant.

The deal of the Ak-47 Case Hardened and the sniper rifle AWP Dragon Lore took place last weekend. The Dragon Lore belongs to the Cobblestone collection, which came out on 1st July 2014. The rare skin has been custom painted with a knotwork dragon, one of the unique skin due to the low drop rate. Souvenir dragon lore’s only drop at events like MAJORS which don’t occur often.

So, this should give an idea of how big the skin market behind this game really is.

With the hype and popularity behind this market, game skin prices are reaching an all time high. That’s bad news for us the players, but good for the countless “CS:GO investors”.

Yes, you heard that right, CS:GO investors. Those are people who buy skins, stickers and gloves in bulk and hold on to them and flip them for a profit, day in, day out. We’ll list a few ways you can get your hands on those sweet skins cheaper than these all-time high prices.

Playing the game

We all know the skins that get dropped after a game are usually worth 10 cents.

But playing the game is an actual way to get skins, sell all of them, and buy an expensive one. However, I don’t need to tell you how time-consuming this can be.

CS:GO Gamble & Coinflipping

This is a good one. In some way, you are profiting from someone else’s losses but in the end you got your skins you wanted so badly. CSGO coinflip sites or casinos are sites that hold an inventory of skins in their wallet and you get awarded with those skins if you win or hit the jackpot. Coin flipping is where you bet on a side of a coin, you put in the skins you want to bet and the other player does the same and after the flip, you see who wins and gets all the skins.

These are ways to get skins very cheaply or for free!

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