Adapter Watch: know all the information of your network card

Why it is necessary to know the data of the network

In certain circumstances we will need to know network card specific data. For example, we may need to know the exact model to look for the drivers and update them, in case we have a problem and the equipment does not recognize it or stability-level failures.

We may also need data such as MAC address, the IP with which it synchronizes with the router, speed, etc. All this can help us to configure certain parameters, include the card in a white list in the router, know if the speed is adequate, etc.

To get this information we can use some programs such as Adapter Watch. This will allow us to have total control over the network card and to know at all times the data that we may need to configure something, to optimize speed or quality.

How to use Adapter Watch

Adapter Watch allows us to have detailed information of the network card. For example, we can see the MAC address of the device, the data transfer speed at all times or even release and renew the IP address. It is a simple program, easy to use, but with a lot of information.

Let’s see the main steps that we must give to start using this software. Keep in mind that it is available for Windows in its different versions. It is an alternative to using the information offered by the system itself, which is sometimes limited and does not solve what we really need.

Download the app

The first thing we have to do is to download the program. It should be noted that it is an application that does not need installation and we will only have to download the file and run it. We will quickly see all the data related to the different network cards that are installed in the computer, as well as the virtual adapters.

For this we have to go to the Nirsoft website. There we will see the description of this program, its operation and, at the bottom, the button to download. We will also see that it is available in different languages, among which is Spanish.

The application takes up very little space, less than 1MB, and comes in a RAR folder that we have to unzip. There the main file will open, which we will only have to execute, and also another with the Help information.

Get started with Adapter Watch

Once we have downloaded the program, we will simply have to open it. The main application window will automatically appear, with the different tabs through which we can move. The first shows us the network adapters. There we can see the Ethernet network card, the Wi-Fi card, if we have any more or even the virtual ones.

Adapter Watch

If we move through the different tabs We will see the one corresponding to the TCP / UDP statistics, IP statistics, ICMP or the general tab. In some of them we will see changing data, since they are showing statistics, information that we send or receive.

In each of these sections we will see different types of data related to the cards. We can move from one to the other quickly. We will also see the buttons to manually refresh and update the information, as well as to create an HTML report.

Custom options

If we look at the menu above we will see the section of Choices. There we can configure some parameters and customize them. For example, the time for the data to be updated or the amount of information sent and received.

We can also copy the different cells and export them to a document in case we are interested in having the information present anywhere. Otherwise, Adapter Watch It is a very simple program, where we will not have many more options that we can customize, beyond the essential data related to our card.

What data does the Adapter Watch offer

If we focus more on the information that Adapter Watch is going to offer, we can mention that it tells us everything related to the adapter. For example we will see the exact model, the name of the adapter, the MAC address, the type of adapter (if it is Ethernet or Wi-Fi) …

We will also see more specific information related to data sent and received (measured in Bytes), when we start the connection, when DHCP will end, the DNS servers we are using or the IP address.

All this is very interesting to have a greater control over the network card. For example, we will be able to know if it works well, if the speed is adequate, know what IP it is using to avoid conflicts … This will help us to configure some parameters that are necessary to enhance the operation.

Know what DNS servers being used in a quick way may be useful in order to opt for different ones. If changes we can improve speed and even safety. Normally we use those offered by the operator itself, but we can use others such as those from Google or Cloudflare.

The adapter name, which is something of the most important that we can see, it will be necessary to solve certain problems and also to find the drivers. Sometimes our devices malfunction, we have failures related to a system update that has hung, and that will cause us to also update the network adapter drivers. We must apply it both in Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

In short, if we are looking for a simple program with which to view all the information related to network cards for Windows, Adapter Watch is an interesting option. It’s simple, it doesn’t have too many options, but it does offer everything you need to configure it, fix errors, and learn more about our connections.

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