Alien Isolation arrives on mobile, here is trailer and release date

Released in 2014 on console and PC, Alien Isolation, arguably the best video game ever about the xenomorph brought to the cinema by Ridley Scott, will arrive soon on mobile.

Feral Interactive has in fact announced the porting to iOS and Android of the famous game by SEGA and Creative Assembly, which will be transported to mobile devices 7 years after its debut on consoles.

After 7 years of its console debut, Alien Isolation will soon arrive on mobile

This new version will be compatible with any iPhone model starting with 7 Plus, and with virtually all iPads launched on the market over the past five years. For installation they will be needed 22 GB free on our device mobile, while the storage data will be “only” 11 GB.

Here is the trailer that announced the return of Amanda Ripley’s adventure to mobile devices:

All this while fans continue to wonder if they will see the arrival of Alien Isolation 2 emails, and as players continue to drop players on the much more recent Alien Fireteam (which still turned out to be a good title but definitely far from the exceptional nature of Isolation. ).

Alien Isolation will debut starting December 16, 2021, for the price of € 14.99, on iOS and Android.

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