All about Joker: Who is he, how was he born, curiosities and much more

Officially, In the DC comics, no specific name or identity has been given to the character. joker. No one knows who he is except Batman, who jealously guards the secret.

The closest thing to finding out the identity of the joker we’ve been has been when, in the war against Darkseid story arc, Batman sits on the Mobius chair and asks about this. The chair insists that there are 3 jokers actually, hinting that one of them created the other two, but without clarifying which one is the original.

The continuation of the story is that Batman ends up learning the identity, but is unable to reveal the name of the joker to protect his family, which he helps to hide from him by faking their deaths. If it were leaked, the press would inquire about the family and the joker I could go after them.

Comment that, in the alternate universe of history Batman: Curse of the White Knight, the identity of joker Its the Jack Napier, the same name used by Tim Burton in his first Batman movie.


Although Batman first appeared in Detective Comics, when he had his own series a year later, the Dark Knight debuted facing the joker in Batman number 1.

There he appears to us as a serial thief and murderer, with a deformed smile similar to the joker in a deck of poker. Although he was expected to die immediately (if he ran away all the time, he left Batman useless), in the end he became a recurring enemy, until rising as the most legendary.

how he is born joker It has also been the subject of various revisions. Presented as the criminal Red hoodBatman chases after him until the villain falls into a vat of chemicals that bleach his skin, dye his hair green and his lips red, as well as drive him insane.

That origin will be further detailed, and will pretty much become the official story, in the volume the killing joke by Alan Moore (1988). There we are presented as a failed comedian with a pregnant woman, who falls into those chemicals because of Batman. However, another feature of the joker is that you never know if he’s telling you the truth and, instead of lying, he prefers to think of himself as having multiple pasts.

As a curiosity, this is a feature that had the joker by Heath Ledger, where each time he tells a story of how he got the scars.

Joker Superpowers

Joker, superpowers and weapons

Actually, the joker he doesn’t have superpowersNo superhuman abilities. Yes indeed, his genius rivals Batman’s and is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Likewise, his charisma and the money from his misdeeds allow him to be one of Gotham’s most feared crime bosses, with minions at his service.

Accustomed to handling chemicals, in some stories his ability to resist poisons.

what weapons does he use

Usually, thematic devices, related to its aesthetics. Sharp wild cards, explosive cigars capable of bringing down a building and, above all, his famous poison that kills anyone after causing a laugh uncontrollable.

Similarly, many of the weapons he uses, especially firearms, often have some exaggerated or comical aspect, in the manner of what a clown would use in his acts.


The main enemy of joker is of course Batman, in addition to its allies, such as Robin, Alfred Pennyworth or the commissioner James Gordon.

However the joker has faced many other superheroes, such as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Justice League full, batgirl

The joker He has also had his ups and downs with other supervillains. From Lex Luthor himself, to another of Batman’s greatest enemies: Enigma.

Although they sometimes ally and work together, their most outstanding story is The war of jokes and riddles, written by Tom King. In it, both villains fight for the privilege of who will kill Batman first. There it is shown how Enigma openly despises the joker, though he ends up convincing Batman not to kill Riddler.


Joker and Harley Quinn

Due to the psychotic and unstable nature of the joker, he doesn’t have too many friends, but he does have occasional allies, as well as henchmen.

As for allies, Have Batman’s main baddies, like Penguin, ever teamed up? with the joker, to try to defeat the Dark Knight.

Regarding the henchmen of his band, it is worth mentioning:

  • Lar, Mo and Cur: 3 slightly goofy henchmen, based on The 3 Stooges.
  • Duke Wilson: one of the members of the team of 48 jokers.
  • Black Queen, King of Wands, Jack of Diamonds… Which accounts for the theme that awaits you when you are hired by the joker.

Who have been the couples of Joker

The most famous couple joker it is without a doubt, harley quinn. Deranged herself, she doesn’t seem to care about the psychotic and cruel facet of the joker. However, he will not be the only love interest.

punch lineUnlike Harley (at least, the initial Harley), she was never just a henchman. Much more psychopathic than Harley, the Joker and her have had much more than words and punch line is much more in tune with the vision of total chaos of the joker. Also, Harley has, on occasion, gone over to the side of the light (in fact, she was a brief member of The Justice League), something impossible in the case of punch line.

And, since we have discussed it, we cannot forget that pregnant woman from the joker who is probably named Jeanie.

The most outstanding facts of the life of Joker

The joker's life

What the biography of joker it’s mysterious on purpose and he himself tells a story every time, it is very difficult to know what is real or not in the life of the supervillain. Therefore, some of the reliable facts of his life come from his confrontations with superheroes.

In the killing joke, Paralyzes Barbara Gordon (batgirl), in addition to traunatizing Commissioner James Gordon, although without driving him crazy, which was his initial objective.

In a death in the family, Joker kills Jason Todd, the second Robin.

In the last laugh, joker It causes so much chaos that the United States declares war on it, at the behest of its president: Lex Luthor. joker will respond by trying to assassinate him.

During the events of Joker Emperor, he becomes omnipotent, but even so, he is unable to finish off Batman. This accounts for a recurring theme in their stories, the fact that him and him Dark Knight define their existence through that of the other.

in the story line end game, joker manages to control the Justice League, but Batman manages to defeat even Superman (again).

In Batman: The 3 Jokers, these come together to create chaos. called The criminal, The clown Y Comedian, the latter reveals that he created the other two.

In the end, it’s all an elaborate ruse to get Batman to forgive Joe Chill, his parents’ killer, so that the joker be your only obsession.

There it is also revealed that the supervillain knows the identity of Batman and his family ties, but he will not reveal them, because it would be the end of the Dark Knight and, consequently, of the joker.

Some curiosities that, probably, you do not know

The laughing man, inspiration of the Joker

Without a doubt, the joker is a fascinating character full of unexpected details. To get started, is based on the character of Gwynplaine from the 1928 film the laughing man, inspired in turn by a novel by Victor Hugo.

The characterization of actor Conrad Veidt unknowingly gave rise to the most famous supervillain of all time, as you can see in the image above.

who invented the joker is the subject of debate. Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the creators of Batman, claim its origin. However, Jerry Robinson, one of the first cartoonists, claims it was him, simply relying on a deck of cards for inspiration.

joker had his own Robin in Gasgworth, a dwarf who escaped from the circus to aid in crimes. Another example of the fashion of putting strange companions to superheroes.

As you can see, the history of joker it has details just as twisted as his mind. And it is that, the greatest enemy of Batman is also, without a doubt, the most charismatic and dangerous supervillain of all.

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