All of Tim Burton’s movies ranked from worst to best

But in addition to all of the above, of those ghostly worlds and their strangest creatures, there are two names intimately linked to Tim Burton’s filmography, well three: on the one hand composer Danny Elfman, who was able to create the musical atmosphere that his films needed, with masterpieces like Bitelchus. Batman, mars attack, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and of course, Edward Scissorhands, which is a true masterpiece.

And logically, on the other hand we have their fetish actorswho are none other than the recently acquitted of his affair with his ex-wife, Johnny Depp, and the always contradictory but imposing Helena Bonham Carter.

without them surely Tim Burton’s cinema would not be what it is today: a splendid fantasy catalog with that unbelieving touch of characters that are almost always bordering on madness. As its manager?

Tim Burton movies

Come on, we won’t delay any longer. let’s check how is the classification of films directed by Tim Burton based on ratings received on IMDb.

20 – Planet of the Apes (2001)

No one knows how Tim Burton ended up accepting this project, except for the fascination he had dragged on since he saw it when he was practically a child. Unfortunately, the american director cant get better than the 1968 film and it has remained as one of the worst of his filmography due to a weak script and full of black holes.

IMDb Score: 5.7

19 – Dark Shadows (2012)

This dark comedy is an example of the cinema that Tim Burton likes, although there are moments when he is more lucid than others. Johnny Deep takes us back to the 18th century, a dark moment in which powerful enemies appear, twisted witches and a transformation into a vampire that will have a lot of weight in the story.

IMDb Score: 6.2

18 – Dumbo (2019)

Tim Burton, a fervent lover of animated films, saw the opportunity to cover in live action images an all-time classic, and the thing was a bit too much… Tim Burton! We don’t know if that darkness and baroque universe suited a film that could have been more friendly, visually. It did not convince the public or the director’s own fans.

IMDb Score: 6.3

17 – Mars Attack (1996)

surely it is one of the funniest Tim Burton movies: funny, histrionic, at times brilliant, but the daughter of a type of humor that now seems a bit simple. For many of the science-fiction fans, it deserves a place in the Olympus of the cartoons of the movies of the 50s and 60s. For others it is unbearable.

IMDb Score: 6.4

16 – Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Tim Burton’s first attempt at getting a live-action movie adaptation of a cartoon classic was a real challenge. Magical and surprising at times, It is a sample of that inner universe that Disney ended up accepting after consecrating himself far from his lap.

IMDb Score: 6.4

15 – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

Film based on the books written by Ransom Riggs and that they fit Tim Burton like a glove, although it did not know how to exploit its full potential due to the confinement of respecting (obviously) the original work. It’s not one of the director’s most celebrated films, but if you revisit it, you’ll have a good time with a spectacular Eva Green surrounded by little girls with special powers.

IMDb Score: 6.7

14 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

The classic tale that was already made into a film by Mel Stuart and starring Gene Wilder in 1971it was the perfect occasion to create a narrative as strange and fantastic as it is funny, ironic and full of characters, each one more extravagant. Luckily, it will be Charlie who receives the main lesson that that golden ticket from the chocolate factory gives him.

IMDb Score: 6.7

13 – Frankenweenie (2012)

Tim Burton takes revenge for a medium-length film he directed in 1984 with the same title (with a live action image) in which he already revisited the classic Frankenstein of the 1930s. It adds designs, characters and settings devised by the director himself, which returns to the stop motion technique that has given him such good results. A true wonder that could have been much more if it hadn’t slackened in its rhythm. Still, it’s pure Tim Burton.

IMDb Score: 6.9

12 – Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985)

It’s technically Tim Burton’s first movie. and he did it with a well-known character in the US such as Pee-wee. The film is an exercise in good manners that he tried to take to his field taking advantage of that comic encore of the main actor. A film that practically offers the entire catalog of virtues that the Californian’s future projects will have. If you haven’t seen it, do it now.

IMDb Score: 7

11 – Big Eyes (2014)

This film is a curious biopic within Tim Burton’s career that tells us the fascinating story of Margaret and Walter Keane, a painter from the 50s and 60s of the last century who had a fixation with characters with big eyes. The problem is that in those times to sell them better, it was her husband who had to sign the works. Subtle, sensitive and very personal.

IMDb Score: 7

10 – Batman Returns (1992)

Over the years Tim Burton’s two Batman movies have been gaining fans but at the time they were heavily criticized for their script, which barely had any rhythm or meaning. Now, that mythical Californian director has caused them to be among the public’s favorites, hence the remarkable they get on IMDb. Catwoman and the Penguin round out the cast of heroes and villains in this film starring Michael Keaton.

IMDb Score: 7.1

9 – Sleepy Hollow (1999)

The old story of the headless horseman returns from the hand of a Tim Burton who puts his hand in the general aspect of the film, with a staging as overwhelming as it is terrifying and accompanied by the magical chords of Danny Elfman.

IMDb Score: 7.3

8 – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Johnny Depp reteams with Tim Burton in this story of terror and revenge in which a bloodthirsty barber seeks to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy that follows him. Tension, darkness and that typical atmosphere of Victorian movies that the director likes so much. You are going to enjoy it.

IMDb Score: 7.3

7 – Corpse Bride (2005)

After the success of Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton earned the opportunity to tackle almost any project. and this one of Corpse Bride is one of them where we have a terrifying story treated with that corrosive black humor that characterizes the North American. If we add to that a soundtrack with some extraordinary songs, we get this great little wonder.

IMDb Score: 7.3

6 – Bitelchus (1988)

The second movie was a real bombshell: He discovered a superb Michael Keaton for us, he put Winona Ryder on the map and he told us a magnificent story with dead people who are like a real goat. If on top of that we add the presence of two great actors like Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, we get an earthquake that will make you have a great time. Oh, and a second installment is on the way, also directed by Tim Burton.

IMDb Score: 7.5

5 – Batman (1989)

Film that was a resounding success in its time, highly criticized as well, but It marked the path of superhero cinema that we have right now. Michael Keaton returns to work with Tim Burton and Danny Elfman’s soundtrack is one of those that make an era. Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger are ten…

IMDb Score: 7.5

4 – Ed Wood (1994)

Tim Burton returns to his classics and in this film he pays tribute to one of the directors of series B best known in Hollywood. In this film we will learn about his working methods and those obsessions that led him to do things his way. A love letter to the passions of the director who was recognized by fans and critics.

IMDb Score: 7.8

3 – Edward Scissorhands (1990)

For many It is Tim Burton’s most rounded film because it has everything: an endearing, strange, strange and different character who tries to fit into the normality of an idyllic residential neighborhood in the USA. A modern Frankenstein who wants to be accepted but in the end has to surrender to harsh reality. A magical, dark, gloomy and terrifying film, but also sensitive and passionate with a truly luxurious soundtrack. Can anything else be said?

IMDb Score: 7.9

2 – Big Fish (2003)

This movie is one of the small wonders that are hidden in Tim Burton’s filmography because it is an extraordinary fable that tells us the story of a character who returns to recover the world he knew through the stories told by his father, who suffers from a terminal illness. An endearing film that hides behind an anthological script that, surely, would have deserved first place among all the films by the Californian director.

IMDb Score: 8

1 – Vincent (1982)

And with Tim Burton’s best film we go back to the beginning, to the Burbank director’s first work as such: Vincent is a tribute in the form of a short film to that passion he had for the actor Vincent Price, with whom he managed to work in Edward Scissorhands. A work that summarizes the universe that we are going to find in the following years and that you can see in full right here above,

IMDb Score: 8.3

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