Aloy’s ‘beard’ goes viral and Rubius clarifies the issue

The new generation of consoles It will bring us a lot of fun. And no, we are not referring to the video games themselves, but rather to human stupidity. Do you remember when the first high-resolution broadcasts of movies and series began to arrive and we began to see details and imperfections in the faces of the actors that we had never seen before? Well, something similar has happened with a Twitter user, who has complained about a render of Aloy’s face in Horizon: Forbidden Westand, without realizing it, has been exposed.

Women with facial hair? Remove power from the PS5

Two days left until Horizon: Forbidden West is finally released on Sony consoles. The Guerrilla title is getting quite good reviews from the specialized media. And, although it comes out for the last three consoles of the Japanese company (PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5), this new Horizon is undoubtedly the ultimate litmus test for PlayStation 5 graphics capabilities, where we will be able to see its full potential. We can move it to 4K and 30 frames per second or 1800p at 60 fps.

With such a resolution, it is obvious to think that Horizon: Forbidden West it is full of details. And it is that the Guerrilla’s Decima Engine It has really massive power. Y, for some, it seems to be even too much. This is what has happened to a Twitter user, who has captured a render static from the video game and has selected Aloy’s chin in red. In his tweet, which was a response to a fairly viral thread, she wondered “Can you explain to me why Aloy has a beard?». In the image, what was indicated was nothing other than the girl’s facial hair. Let’s see who is the handsome man who explains it to him.

In a matter of a day, the tweet has garnered thousands of comments. One of the brightest was Jesse Coxwho translated the tweet, captured it and accompanied it with the following text “Tell me that you have never been close to a woman, but without telling me that you have never been close to a woman.”

A few hours later, Ruby quoted the tweet and made a very similar comment, but much less subtle: “If this surprises you, you are openly saying that you are a virgin and that you have not been close to a woman in your life.”

Twitter has not disappointed with the memes

It is a pity that more than one has found out because of the PS5 that women also have hair on their faces – yes, yes, like kiwis. So that later they say that video games only serve to generate violence. Before we say goodbye, we leave you with a few memes and comments that have arisen around the comment of our protagonist incel and they are noteworthy.

By now, we imagine you’ve learned your lesson. Or, just the opposite. If the comment was a simple bait to make his tweet viral, without a doubt, the boy is not a fool.

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