An affordable electric Fiat Panda will arrive as soon as 2024, it’s official

Stellantis has good news for buyers who want to switch to electric vehicles but can’t find models in their price range: a new affordable electric Fiat Panda is in the works.


Fiat seeks to take over the affordable electric vehicle market with a future urban vehicle marketed around 25,000 euros only. According to a Bloomberg report, Fiat is working on an affordable all-electric model that will be based on its existing Panda hybrid.

The new Fiat EV will target the European market, where there is demand for smaller, more affordable electric vehicles. It aims to compete with other automakers that already offer similar options, like Renault’s Dacia Spring. We also eagerly await the new “affordable” Tesla, which should eventually be produced at 4 million units per year.

Fiat will launch an inexpensive electric Panda from 2024

According to Olivier François, CEO of Fiat, the price of the new electric Fiat Panda will be less than 25,000 euros and its design will be inspired by that of the current Fiat Panda. It will therefore be considerably cheaper than the electric vehicles already offered by the manufacturer, including the Fiat 500e and 600e.

Bloomberg reported that Fiat would unveil its affordable EV in July 2024, which would follow the release of Citroën’s e-C3 in early 2024. Given that Fiat and Citroën exist under the Stellantis umbrella, it’s safe to say deceive that the two affordable electric cars will share some of their DNA. The CEO of Fiat also said in a recent interview: “It is very likely that there will be synergies”.

Stellantis’ announcement comes as pressure mounts on automakers to offer affordable electric cars, especially in Europe where Chinese brands are on the offensive. MG, for example, recently grilled the government’s priority with an electric car at less than 100 euros per month, enough to upset the French market. So it remains to be seen if the new Fiat Panda will also offer such a competitive offer, and if it will be able to stand up to Elon Musk’s next affordable Tesla.

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