an electric car with 1000 km of autonomy

Mercedes-Benz has just presented the first electric car with more than 1000 kilometers of range in its history.

While the world of new technologies has its eyes on Las Vegas and the CES taking place right now in America’s most party city, great innovations exist even outside of Nevada, and they need to be. sometimes go to the much less touristy Stuttgart to find out what could bring the future.

In the German regional capital, a company like no other has just made a surprisingly surprising announcement. The very prestigious Mercedes-Benz car brand, known the world over for its cars with the stars, has just presented a brand new model, which has one more thing.

Vision EQXX: the perfect concept from Mercedes?

Indeed the German firm has just unveiled to the world the new Vision EQXX, behind this name of soulless prototype hides a very real car. Although this is only a concept, the ambitions of the German brand are high with this new generation vehicle. Indeed, the technologies on board will surely be reused, on a massive scale, in the coming years by the manufacturer to make its range of tomorrow.

Mercedes had promised it, the brand will produce more electric cars in the future. As the world changes due to climate change, automakers need to adapt. With the “Vision” concept, the firm offers the best it can do. The car is indeed capable of achieving a record range, exceeding the mythical 1000 km mark on a single charge – thus doing much better than many thermal cars on the market today.

Autonomy and recharging: the two black spots of electricity

Because the question of autonomy, and therefore of recharging has always been a brake on the development of electric cars. Not enough range on a single charge on one side, too long a time spent at the charging station, there are still many reasons to stay on thermal cars, and manufacturers are aware of this.

While on the other side of the Atlantic, with Ford in particular, Uncle Sam’s engineers are trying to find a way to recharge an electric car as quickly “as a full tank of gasoline”, on the German side the strategy seems be reverse. Indeed, if Mercedes has indeed worked on recharging to make it as fast as possible, it is above all the question of autonomy that has occupied the minds of engineers in recent years.

But finally, after a lot of work, it is the symbolic bar of 1000 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge that has been crossed. This should not change anything in the automotive world for the moment, this news is further proof that the future will be made with electric cars.

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