Analyze the header of an email to look for threats

What is the header of an email

First of all we will explain what are email headers. We can find it with the term header as well. It is the information where the data of the sender, recipient, subject, date or also the servers that carry out the transmission between users appear.

This information, this header or header, is a fundamental part of the email. It will show essential information about who is sending an email. It does not matter what service we are using or what the address is, since in all cases we will find the header.

And yes, the header of an e-mail can also be used to determine whether an e-mail is reliable or not. It shows us information that we can analyze and know if we may have problems or it is something legitimate, which will not affect us in our day to day life.

In order to analyze the header of an e-mail we will have to access it. In the case of Gmail, which is undoubtedly the most popular platform today in Spain, we simply have to enter the email that interests us, click on the menu at the top right (the three dots) and click Show original. We can copy all the information from that header to the clipboard.


An option that we have available for parse the header of an email is Messageheader. It is a function of Google itself, free, and that allows you to simply paste that header that we have previously copied and give it to analyze. It is a very quick and easy process.

In a few seconds, once we analyze it, it will show us information about the sender, when the e-mail was created, what protocol it uses, etc. We can also detect possible delays and problems, but mainly it serves to obtain information about the sender and thus determine if it is really safe or we could be facing a Phishing attack.

Mail Header Analyzer

We can also use the Mail Header Analyzer option. As in the previous case, it allows us to analyze the header of an email. Its operation is simple and intuitive. We have to access their website and there paste the header that we have already copied before.

Mail Header Analyzer

Later you have to give it to analyze. It will show us information related to who is behind that email, what protocol they have used, the delivery date, whether or not there have been delays, etc. In addition, we can see data such as the IPv4 address or the location of that e-mail.

If we think, for example, of being able to know the location of the source, it can be very interesting to avoid security attacks. It can be information that helps us avoid Phishing attacks. We can see the DKIM signature or the SMTP origin.

Mail Header

Another similar online service is Mail Header. It has a fairly simple and intuitive interface. We have to paste the header that we have previously copied and click on Submit. It will automatically show us a box full of data, such as the location, date and sender information.

Analyze headers with Mail Header

But beyond these data that we mentioned, it also has a section to detect Spam. This is very interesting to know if an e-mail we receive can be safe or we are facing some type of threat. Malware can also arrive through spam or be used for phishing attacks.

IP Tracker Online

The tool IP Tracker Online is another one that we wanted to add to this list. It is also free and very easy to use. To start using it we have to go to its website. There we will have to paste the header of the email and it will automatically show us information related to that email.

IP Tracker online

It will also help us to obtain more information about a sender and to be able to conclude whether it is safe or not it can be a threat. We can thus detect possible Phishing attacks or Spam emails that compromise our privacy and security.

What is my IP

With the online service What is my IP we will also be able to get header information from an email. It is a page where we can also see data related to the connection, such as the IP, do a speed test, etc.

Once again, what we have to do is copy the header of an e-mail that interests us and go to the link of this platform and find the box where we have to paste it. We give Analyze and it will automatically show us the corresponding information with that email and we will be able to know if it is a reliable email or makes us suspicious.

What is my IP

Conclusions to analyze the header of an email

In short, we can say that analyze the header The header of an email can give us important clues as to whether it is a scam, a possible Phishing or Spam attack, or on the contrary it is a legitimate email with which we will not have problems.

It shows us information about the sender. We have seen a series of free services that we can use online, without having to install anything. In our case we have tried all of them and the truth is that they work very well for the essentials we are looking for. However, for example Mail Header Analyzer we consider it quite complete. Messageheader, due to its integration with Google, it is also very useful.

We must always make sure that the e-mail we just received is legitimate and we will not have any problems. Beyond common sense, having the equipment updated correctly or using antivirus, we can also make use of this type of online tools that are really useful in certain cases to avoid Phishing and other threats.

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