Andor: Season 2 could arrive sooner than expected, but on one condition

Season 2 of Andor is currently filming and is set to premiere on Disney+ in two years. But according to its showrunner, it could arrive much earlier. For that, Disney would have to put its hand in the wallet.


As the final episode of Andor’s first season airs today Wednesday, November 23 on Disney+, all eyes are already on its season 2. But when will it arrive?

Tony Gilroy, the series’ showrunner, spoke about the subject in an interview with the Collider site. For him, the series should keep its cruising speed, but Disney could ultimately choose to accelerate the pace in order to release season 2 more quickly.

Andor season 2 could arrive sooner

This season 2 is currently filming and, if the schedule is respected, should arrive in two years. A rhythm modeled on that of the first season. However, Gilroy still has hopes of seeing it released sooner, but it’s not up to him:

“If the past is a good indicator, and we follow the same process as before, we should have the same schedule (as for season 1). (Season 2) should therefore arrive in two years. The only way to speed things up is in post production and the only way to speed up post production is with money. So, I don’t really know how it’s going to go, we’re going to need serious motivation around next May or June. Someone will have to say “wow, we really need it and we’re going to pay X”. Rogue One has proven that if you put the money in, post production can go very, very fast. It’s just very, very expensive.”

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Andor could therefore see its season 2 arrive sooner than expected if Disney puts the means there. However, you shouldn’t count on it too much. First, Disney already has a well-established schedule for its productions and it will be difficult for it to jostle it. Secondly, the Andor series, as good as it is, does not attract crowds. According to Parrot Analytic, it has fewer ratings than other Star Wars series, even ranking behind Obi-Wan Kenobi or The Book of Boba Fett.

Yet Andor is beyond dispute the most successful Star Wars series on Disney+, the critics are unanimous. She succeeds brilliantly in bringing to light a whole section of the universe hitherto ignored: the terror imposed by the Empire on its inhabitants. It also adopts a pacing that builds to a crescendo as the episodes go by, making it extremely satisfying to watch. The fact that season 1 begins with a look of a senator did not help its success.

As a reminder, Andor tells the story of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), a rebel spy already seen in the movie Rogue One. She also follows the destiny of other characters, such as Senator Mon Mothma and Imperial Agent Dedra Meero.

Source : Collider

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