Another nightmare for Warzone players: immunity in the Gulag

Warzone and the new Gulag bug

Call of Duty Warzone is a success as a game and that cannot be denied by anyone, but neither can it be denied that one of the great problems that it has been dragging since its inception are bugs. These and the cheaters are causing some players to give up and end up abandoning the title or playing much less often than they would otherwise.

Warzone’s latest glitch could add to all of that, far more than the use of certain software that numerous cheaters turn to to gain an advantage in every game. Although luckily for the rest of the players, both Activision and Raven Software and Infinity Ward are expelled and banning a large number of cheaters who installed these applications from playing.

However, along with the problem of how easy it is to re-create a new free account and continue cheating with those tools, now there is a new ruling affects the Gulag. As the YouTuber Ntrippy has shown, there is the possibility of entering the interior of the Gulag without having died and fighting against whoever is there waiting to return to the game.

Okay, players who have not died can sneak into the Gulag to fight those who did and wait their turn and opportunity to return to the map. What is the problem here? Well, it could become much more desperate than even all those other failures and traps that are suffered. Because these players who enter the Gulag will not only be able to kill you with clean fists, they will also enjoy full immunity and you will not be able to do anything to cause them damage while defending yourself.

Therefore, if they do not give a quick solution to this bug and it begins to become popular as it seems to be doing, many players will start entering the Gulag every two by three just to annoy and that would reduce the patience of those who not only have to endure being killed and wait to return to battle, also these pesky rivals who will not be able to kill.

How to reproduce the Gulag ruling

After what we have told you, here is how to enter secretly and with immunity to the Gulag. You need a series of guidelines to achieve this and although it also has its limitations, the problem is to what extent you want to annoy the game to the rest.

The solution: don’t play in Verdansk

With all this, What solution exists to this new Warzone bug? Well, at the moment no official. Those responsible for the title sure will have already gotten down to work to solve it as quickly as possible, but until that happens, the only thing you could do is play on a different map than Verdansk. For example, playing in Rebirth Island this does not happen and although you might like it less it would be the way to avoid falling into despair due to the arrival of cheats to the Gulag.

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