Apple Car aims to be introduced in 2025 as a fully autonomous vehicle

Rumored for a long time, it seems that at last Apple would be entering a more advanced phase of the development of the Apple Car, his first electric car, with some major changes. And it is that as shared by the sources of Bloomberg, it seems that Apple is now changing its orientation to the creation of a fully autonomous vehicle model that drives itself, rather than a more conventional vehicle with semi-autonomous features.

We have previously seen rumors that Apple was targeting the year 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle together with Toyota, in which it would include some of its cutting-edge battery technology, but these statements are now added to these reports, which suggest that your own vehicle delivery targets would also have changed, going from a possible launch in five to seven years, to just four, aiming for a global presentation by 2025.

However, it is believed that this plan revolves around Apple completing its full autonomous system on time, about which only rumors are known that point to Apple would have already managed to finish much of the “core work” on the car’s processor. The chip was designed by Apple’s silicon engineering group, which designed the processors for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, rather than within the car’s own equipment. A job that would have included refining the underlying software that runs on the chip to empower autonomous driving capabilities.

On the other hand, current rumors are also beginning to give us a first image of what the Apple Car would look like, speaking of an interior with lounge seating for passengers, an infotainment system with a touchscreen in the middle (similar to an iPad) with tight integration with existing Apple devices and services, and the surprising news of a cabin without steering wheel or pedals.

And it is that although it points to a completely autonomous model, the inclusion of an emergency takeover mode is still being considered to avoid possible indecent as those experienced with some Tesla drivers.

In fact, this would be just one of the main objectives of Apple Car, seeking to gain its niche in the market of growing demand for electric vehicles driven by the market value of companies such as Tesla and Rivian, well above the car manufacturers. traditional, which have been around for decades.

Unfortunately, at the moment we can only talk about rumors, since from Apple they have refused to offer any official comment.

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