Apple could launch its own video game console. This is what we know

On March 25, 2019, the technology firm Apple announced its arrival in the video game market through a new multiplatform video game subscription service that reached all devices with IOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS, in autumn of the same year.

We now know that the company in Cupertino could be looking further afield, with the alleged development of a new console of video games that would have exclusive titles, as has already happened with Apple Arcade.

According to the news site iDropNews, Apple is currently working on its video game console that seeks to compete directly against the Nintendo Switch, in a kind of portable and desktop device, just as the Switch does. In addition to this, it is sought that it has better hardware features.

The website also mentions that it is working to create titles capable of competing directly against the largest Nintendo installments, such as The legend of zelda and Super Mario Odyssey.

Although at the moment, all this is a rumor, it is worth mentioning that the iDropNews site has launched different leaks that have not turned out to be true, which makes the information doubtful.

Apple event

For now, it only remains to wait and know all the news that Apple will reveal during its next event, entitled Unleashed, which will take place on next Monday, October 18 at 12 pm (CMDX time). Event in which the next generation of iMac and Macbooks could be presented.

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