Apple hires Lamborghini’s head of chassis development

The Apple Car is a project that has been one of the hottest topics in the motor world for many years, and also in the technological field, since this vehicle is destined to become one of the great exponents of the enormous technology that the car has experienced in the last decade.

Despite its importance and all the interest it has generated, the truth is that the Apple Car project has gone through quite complicated situations. Six years ago the possibility that the apple company back down on this projectbut in the end everything seems to indicate that not only is it going ahead, but also that Apple is betting on recruit key figures for the development of their first car.

In this sense, the latest signing of the apple company has been the former head of Lamborghini chassis development, Luigi Taraborrelli, who has been working for the Italian company for the last twenty years. This damage is very important, as it confirms that he is one of the most important and experienced professionals in the industry.

Luigi will be in charge of leading the design of the Apple Car. This denies the information that we had been seeing previously and that said that the apple company would have opted to abandon the idea of ​​developing its own car, and that instead would focus on specialized software for smart cars. Nothing could be further from the truth, it is clear that Apple wants to launch its own car on the market, and the truth is that seeing the modernization of the automobile world and how it paints the future of the car, this makes all the sense in the world for the company of the apple, since it could bring significant income both at the level of sales and services associated with the car.

According to the latest rumors, the Apple Car could reach the market in 2025would have a unique design in that it would allow passengers to travel in a face-to-face position, and would take a remarkably smart approach, so much so that it could become the world’s first fully autonomous car for the consumer market. If this is confirmed, this vehicle would come without a driving position. The price of this car is a real mystery, but taking into account everything we have said so far, it is clear that it is not going to be exactly cheap.

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