Apple is already preparing its new computer

The news of the Cupertino company never lifts its foot from the accelerator, and it is that, despite the fact that just a week ago Apple presented a product unpublished until now, and we are not talking about glasses, but about the 15-inch MacBook Air, new rumors indicate that they are already working to launch, again, another Mac. Keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

The movement that Apple has made launching a 15-inch MacBook Air It is really interesting, and above all, very intelligent, since in the end it will cause many users to have access to a laptop with a very large screen, but without having to buy the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which up to At the time it was the only option Apple had on the market for users.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

Also, this 15-inch MacBook Air it’s a real machineIn fact, it is exactly the same as its little brother, the 13-inch MacBook Air that Apple presented at WWDC in 2022. The only difference What lies between these two devices is the screen size, obviously, and the presence of 6 speakers in the 15-inch one compared to 4 in the 13-inch one. That said, Apple is already working on renewing these two teams.

The new MacBook Air is already being prepared

As we said at the beginning of the post, the pace of today sometimes seems laughable, but the reality is what it is, and that is that despite the fact that Apple introduced this 15-inch MacBook Air a week ago, in Cupertino they are already working to launch the renewal of these two laptopsOf course, do not expect big changes since everything you will see new will be inside, specifically on the chip that these two teams will mount, the M3.

macbook air

Many of the rumors that were on the table for this WWDC revolved around the possibility that Apple could launch the M3 chip together with the 15-inch MacBook AirEven since a possible renewal of the 13-inch MacBook Pro was also rumored, this possibility came at a time when it gained a lot of strength. However, it seems that now Apple’s times to renew its processors are quite clear, and if you look at the previous renewals, those of Cupertino always leave a year and a half between one and the other, especially also because they do not launch all the new processors all of a sudden, but they are distributed over time, in fact the M2 Ultra was launched last week at the Developers Conference.

Does this mean that perhaps it is better to wait to buy a MacBook Air with M3?Not at all, on the contrary, these computers currently have some truly incredible capabilities, and whether you want a “small” laptop or a “big” laptop, both MacBook Air models will give you exquisite performance, as well as not It could be otherwise considering that they mount the M2 processor. Also, the design that both have is spectacular, especially the midnight color, which yes, is very dirty, but it is really attractive.

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