Apple Reaches No. 1 Most Valuable Company Again

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The fight between the two big technology companies, Apple and Microsoft is quite strong and especially long in time. Both companies take it very well because they are always in the Top and neither of them wants to leave the first position. That’s good for users who will always get the best version of both. After a close fight, Apple rises to number one again as the world’s most valuable company.

A sharp rise in Apple’s share price allowed the apple company to regain the title of a publicly traded company with the highest market capitalization in the world. It surpassed Microsoft, which had been in first place for less than a month. An unconfirmed report of Apple’s aggressive plans to make autonomous cars helped fuel a 6% increase over the past week.

Cupertino stock prices have been climbing incredibly for years. With the company’s valuation topping $ 2 trillion in the summer of 2020. Since then, it has already risen to about $ 2.5 trillion. However, after announcing the financial results of the third quarter, the shares fell in value. Especially because of the lower-than-expected sales results of the iPhone. It was at this time that the company lost the number position, handing it over to Microsoft, which became the most valuable company in the world.

However, last week, a report indicated that Apple wanted to accelerate its construction of Apple Car and have it ready by 2025. That caused the share price to rise again. Market capitalization is now $ 2.634 trillion, which currently places its valuation at $ 2.576 trillion. This way he gets number one again in the ranking, unseating Microsoft. Although we suppose it will be a matter of time.

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