Apple repeats a play with the new 15-inch MacBook Air that you will not like

The new 15-inch MacBook Air is a computer with very good features, and they make it a team capable of performing tasks with more demanding performance. Nevertheless, the model with a capacity of 256GB is “captured” by the company and it is in a position of inferiority compared to the models with more internal storage. do you want to know what is it about? We tell you everything in this post.

Apple slows down the 256GB MacBook Air 15″ SSD

Despite mounting the M2 chip in all its variants, the 15-inch MacBook Air it is slower in terms of file transfer on your SSD, on the 256GB base capacity model. This is due to the construction of the board, when this base storage is mounted. And the culprit for the lower reading and writing speed is due to the NAND chip.

This has been discovered thanks to the YouTube channel Max Tech, in which they have made a video disassembling the new model and have realized that the 256GB model incorporates only one NAND chip. “This means that the base model is going to be half as fast as a base model iPad Airboth for reading and writing”, they explain.

m2 plate macbook air 15

“The reason they do this is because a single 256GB NAND chip is actually cheaper than a single 128GB NAND chip, which is completely insane. So they have chosen to do this method, since otherwise they would have to pay more than double and they do not want to do this. and the processor M2 allows them to use a single NAND chip, while the M1 required them to use these are faster,” they report from Max Tech.

In the same way, the channel gives figures that they have been able to obtain thanks to the Blackmagic speed test, which gives a reading speed result of 2,900 MB/s on MacBook Air with M1, and 1,446 MB/s on MacBook Air with M2. The same goes for transfer speeds, but in this case, they compare those of the new MacBook Air M2 to those of the 5th generation iPad Air. And here are the numbers:

  • iPad Air 5 64GB Read Speed: 2,032MB/s
  • MacBook Air M2 256GB Read Speed: 1,446MB/s
  • iPad Air 5 64GB Write Speed: 1,753MB/s
  • MacBook Air M2 256GB Write Speed: 1,463MB/s
speeds macbook air m2

They already did the same on MacBook Pros with M2

When Apple introduced the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2, they already made this very play. And it is that, as with the new 15-inch MacBook Air, they decided to incorporate a single NAND chip in the 256GB base model, while relegating the highest power (both reading and writing) in computers from 512GB capacity.

Although the set of integrated hardware that these computers have makes them fast and fluid, the processor is not everything, and having a computer that is limited in terms of data transfer speed, in the lowest memory step, It is a burden and a forced push by Apple to buy models from 512GB, paying more money. Not only to have more space, but to be able to have a speed according to with the range of computers for which we are paying.

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