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This week we pass the equator of the month of December and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. It seems that everything is going at a slower pace at this time but it is true that Apple information and rumors do not cease day after day. In this case, from I am from Mac we want to share with you all some of the outstanding news of the week. Several major rumors, the delay in the launch of Universal Control, and other news stand out this week.

We will start with the news about the new version of macOS Monterey and the space occupied by the notch on the screen. The extra menus seem now no longer behind this “eyebrow” on the screen of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

Another of the important news this week is the one that refers to the launch of Apple’s new 27/30 inch iMac. It has been clear for a long time that Apple will renew the line of the largest iMac and in this case it seems that will wait until spring 2022 to do it. In I’m from Mac we will be attentive to these rumors.

The AirPods are still the best-selling True Wireless headphones. This is demonstrated by the latest reports published by companies outside the company, despite the fact that their sales have dropped. All AirPods models have a market and in this sense it seems that the only problem they have is the shortage of components. A very good Christmas campaign is expected for Apple headphones.

M1 Max

To finish we share the data on the speed of the new MacBook Pro with M1 Max compared to the same 2019 model with the Intel processor. Obviously they do not show any data that we did not expect and the new teams are much more powerful.

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