New Macs could arrive on June 5

There is less than a week left until WWDC takes place and this time it promises to be one of the biggest events in Apple’s history, both for what can come at the software level and for what it seems the company will present at the level hardware. And beware, that in the last hours there have been very interesting rumors about possible new Macs. Keep reading that we will tell you everything.

According to the latest news, Apple is preparing new things for WWDC as far as its computers are concernedIn fact, everything comes as a result of a movement by the company, since it will allow the inclusion of more computer models in its replacement program, known as trade in. The models that it will begin to accept are the Mac Studio, MacBook Air M2, and MacBook Pro M2therefore it leaves clues about what could come just that same day at WWDC.

New Macs on the way to WWDC

Obviously, if Apple is going to allow users who have a MacBook Air M2, a MacBook Pro M2 and a Mac Studio to use them for the Trade In program it is a good reflection that, possibly at WWDC, the company presents new models of these deviceswhich is of course very strange, since in the end it would mean that the M3 processor could see the light in this Developers Conference, when all the rumors pointed out that this was not going to be the case.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

We say that the renewal of these devices would mean the arrival of the M3 chipbecause it is the only change that has been rumored for said equipment, that is to say, that they will be exactly the same but with an M3 inside instead of the M2. However, this is quite clashing with respect to the line of updates that Apple was carrying out so far, leaving a year and a half between each one of them.

Another aspect to take into account is the amount of news that there will be in this case at WWDCsince we would go from a Developers Conference in which only the new operating systems are usually presented, to one in which, in addition to these, there will also be mixed reality glasses, the new 15-inch MacBook Airand these three computers that we have mentioned, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M2 13-inch and Mac Studio.

mac studio 4

These rumors do nothing but raise the hype, interest and curiosity to see what Apple is preparing for this event that, as we have mentioned before, looks incredible and which many are classifying as one of the best in history, both for its quantity and quality. However, as we always say, you have to be very careful with rumors, since sometimes they raise expectations too much for no apparent reason and later comes the disappointment of many users with what Apple ends up presenting. The good thing is that in just a few days we will all be able to clear up our doubts and here at La Manzana Mordida we are going to tell you about it.

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