Apple services have 700 million subscribers

The services that Apple offers to the users of its devices have 700 million subscribers who pay each month for them. And the figure has increased by 150 million more than last year.

If you want to look at the glass half full, the amount of millions of Euros that Apple collects each month from these subscribers is outrageous. And if you look at the glass half empty, of the billion iPhones operating around the world, there are 300 million users who are not subscribed to anything.

This week, Apple released its quarterly financial results. It would be like the school grades that the kids bring home, and so we see if they have worked well in class in the last three months of school. And in the grade for the subject of «Services«, Apple has got a 7. 7 out of 700 million subscribers.

A good note if we take into account that last year’s average was 5.5 (550 million) and four years ago, it was only a paltry 1.75 (175 million subscribers).

In global figures, this is excellent news for the company. He knows that every month he bills a large amount of millions of dollars fixed, without depending on the work involved in launching new devices every few months.

Apple does not specify the subscribers of each service

But Apple has only shown us the global grade for the quarter for “Services”, without specifying each grade for each subject. That is, we do not know how many of those 700 million subscribers are from iCloud, Apple Music, AppleCare, Apple Arcade, Apple TV + or News +.

But it is intuited that the services that bill the most are those associated with the devices, such as iCloud Y AppleCare. Apple Music is also in good health and has a large number of subscribers. The doubts come with Apple TV +, which at the moment still has a large volume of subscribers with a free one-year subscription, Apple Arcade, the gaming platform that has not just taken off, and News +.

All in all, the company cannot complain. Among all the services, Apple has billed this last quarter $ 17.5 billion. That is 33% more than the same quarter of the previous year. So no matter how much you invest in Apple TV productions + money, you will not miss….

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