Apple shares some photos of its new store «Tower Theater Store» in Los Angeles

Tower Store

Look what she likes Tim cook and his team of Apple executives boast of a corporate financial bonanza with its iconic stores spread around the world. In the most central and expensive buildings of any capital in the world, you will find a Apple Store, which one is cooler.

This coming weekend he opens a new store in Los Angeles. And how could it be otherwise, it is located in the historic building «Tower Theater»Which exists in the city center since 1927. Today the company has published some photos of the majestic store. An architectural spectacle.

The June 24 Apple will open a new store. A spectacular Apple Store located in downtown Los Angeles. A mixture that contrasts a building from the beginning of the last century, with the modernity of the products that are sold in it.

The store will reside in the historic “Tower Theater” building originally constructed in the heart of Los Angeles in 1927. Apple has collaborated with the City Council, leading conservationists and architectural artists to carefully preserve and restore the beauty and grandeur of the theater.


Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail, Deirdre O’Brien, ensures that this new store “honors the rich history and legacy of this entertainment capital.” He believes that this collaboration is based on Apple’s special relationship with the people of Los Angeles.


The store will be the number 26th that Apple has spread all over the world. It is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and will employ a team of 100 people to serve all its customers and visitors. The photos that accompany this article are those that the company has shown today in its press release, thus announcing the date of the opening of the new store.

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