Apple wants to have its own search engine


Knowing Apple, we know perfectly well that it does not like its devices to use the default search engine of Google. That corrodes them inside, and they have been working in Cupertino for years to be able to have their own web browser and permanently erase those colored letters from the Safari browser.

But the truth is that it is not an easy task. It is a very laborious and complicated project that began in the 2018 and four years later, it is not yet known when Apple will offer its users its own web browser.

The digital magazine The Information has published an article this week where it explains that Apple has been working on a web browser for some time to be able to install it on its devices and thus be able to banish the almighty Google from Safari of Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

Machine Learning Laserlike

A project that began in Cupertino four years ago, when Apple bought the startup from Machine Learning Laserlike. A company created by three ex-members of Google in order to create a new web page search system.

The fact is that currently, the three owners of the startup have returned to work for Google, leaving the project already owned by Apple. Ugly, very ugly…

But in Apple Park they are still working on the project. A team of more than two hundred people works hard to make Apple’s web browser a reality one day.

As The Information report explains, the guys from Cupertino still have their very green web search engine project, and may take several years in being able to launch a search engine that can compete face to face with the almighty Google search engine.

Although Apple bills Google a year for using its search engine, and Google pays it religiously (about 15,000 million dollars), in Cupertino they continue to think that it is better to stop earning that pasture, and avoid as much as possible. that an Apple user has to go to Google to search for anything on the web. Time to timeā€¦

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