Aqara updates its sensors to improve home automation

Aqara E1 Series, now compatible with ZigBee 3.0

Those of you who have already started with home automation will know that when looking for certain types of devices, such as sensors for detecting open doors or water, there is a brand that is owned by Xiaomi and that for years has managed to attract the attention of all kinds of users. That brand or manufacturer we are talking about is none other than Aqara, which not only offers devices with very attractive prices, clean design and varied options, also with support for different home automation platforms.

This is without a doubt one of the main attractions of Aqara. Because thanks to the use of its bridges, these sensors that it offers within its catalog can be combined with other products that make use of the home automation platforms of Google, Amazon and especially Apple with HomeKit. That is to say, it is one of the few manufacturers that with a very interesting price allow their products to be controlled with Siri and the Home application available to Apple users.

However, leaving aside what you probably already know, the novelty now is the update of three of its sensors. To be exact, the door and window sensor, the water leak sensor and the wall switch both in their version with and without neutral wire have been updated. They are a update that really affects the interior, because physically they maintain the same aesthetics of the previous version or generation. However, those internal changes are the really interesting ones by offering support for version 3.0 of ZigBee.

Thanks to this, now these sensors improve their performance, but above all their scope. Which is always interesting and what was expected after knowing the renovation also of the brand’s bridges with the arrival of the Aqara M2 and M1S. So, in case you are thinking of updating or expanding your home sensors and you are thinking of Aqara, make sure that since you are going to buy them they are the new version.

This in the case of new users who are introduced to home automation is super important for the future. And if it is to improve what you already have, even if you are now using old products, you do not have to worry, because these new sensors with ZigBee 3.0 offer backward compatibility with the previous version with ZigBee 1.2.

The inexpensive option to grow your HomeKit installation

The new Aqara E1 series sensors They will still be compatible with their own Xiaomi Mi Home app, but will also have HomeKit support. So they can be used and controlled through Siri and the Home application available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

This is interesting, because by price they are the best option on the market or one of the best. Also, if one day you want to change or combine its use with other assistants and platforms such as Amazon and Alexa or Google, you could too. It is true that living with several attendees is not recommended, but in the case of wanting to do so, it would be feasible.

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