Are SilverStone PC Power Supplies Good or Bad?

When talking about power supplies, a very recurring question always arises, but does this power supply fail? A priori it may seem like a very banal question -which it is- given that it always has the same answer, -Yes, this font fails as everything can fail at some point- but at this point you can always argue more specifically about a brand, why it fails or why they don’t usually fail. Let’s take SilverStone as an example, are your power supplies of good or bad quality?

One of the fundamental factors when choosing a power supply or also called PSU for its acronym in English (Power Supply Unit) is the quality of construction and this does not refer to the outer casing, if it has lights or an attractive design , is exclusively a reference to the quality of its PCB (printed circuit) and the components that it houses. A very differentiating point between sources of the same class, are their capacitors and their origin.

Are SilverStone power supplies of poor quality?

As we have previously discussed in other articles and news, SilverStone power supplies are recommended for several factors. From its wide catalog of products with certificates, as well as its good results in the RMA indexes.

At SilverStone they have been manufacturing sources both at an industrial level (servers, racks, etc.) and at a domestic level, of which the latter are the ones that interest us the most. For many years hundreds of reviews of its power supplies have been seen and with this it has been possible to see a clear increase in quality in its manufacture.

Taking a long-manufactured model that is still on the market today, we can see the evolution of a product and if this range was really good, if we look back, for example, seven or eight years ago, SilverStone took the SX600-G PSU, a source that continues to be marketed today, also retaining its 80PLUS Gold efficiency seal. The model of yesteryear, like the current one, already used trainers Nippon Chemi-Con for the main filtering, which are highly recognized Japanese-made, such as the I support you, and on the other hand, some cheaper than Su’scon for secondary filtering.

Capacitors PCB Capacitors

Already the use of good PCB designs together with good components at that time has meant that this source can last in the time of marketing, something that is not very normal either, where some models at most have been on sale for a couple of years and disappear. or are renowned. In the case of SilverStone specifically, we have used the SX600-G PSU as an example to show if SilverStone fonts -or in general- are good or bad and if they are subject to failure or not.

There could be a lot of debate about it, but as a starting point and a simple question like do SilverStone power supplies fail? It can be resolved with a “yes” but thanks to its level of quality control and use of correct components and energy designs we can be calm in its use, since it will be unlikely to give us problems, unless the unit is defective in some case, that for this there are also the RMA.

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