Are Smaller Devices The Future?

The next generation phones are starting to arrive, Apple have stuck to their standard blueprint with the latest iPhone, whilst the Pro Max reaches the largest display size of 6.7 inches, the standard model comes in at a much more manageable 6.1-inch size. With Samsung’s latest also looking to scale back in size to match that of the iPhone having previously come in at around 6.5 inches as standard, is the future of smartphones looking to become a smaller form factor, and could this extend across other devices available too?

Much of the consideration is also coming from changing mobile usage too, multimedia through streaming has only grown over time and shaped the display, gaming and utility has changed too with the growth of online betting in new states through sites like bet-michigan.com and the growth of mobile esports which have changed the way mobiles are used – but what further changes could be made?

Are Smaller Devices The Future

There are many who enjoy the larger display size, and it’s likely that both manufacturers will continue to offer their larger spec’d models particularly with the larger display sizes for those seeking them out, but a step away from the ‘phablet’ styled devices may have been a long time coming particularly as mobile upgrade habits have changed – individuals are holding on to their devices for a longer period of time, often not upgrading for years at a time, with some features like a larger display not really being the desired feature – these new smaller offerings could encourage an upgrade for those who haven’t changed device for a number of years.

Display size hadn’t been the only suggestion of change, charging options have also been explored as a rumour for the latest devices as there had been rumour of faster 45W charging coming to the latest devices, this would allow a device to charge to 70% in just 35 minutes but may not be fully revealed until the devices release. Similarly, other suggestions had been pointed towards battery life too, the suggestion is that the capacity may in fact be reduced from previous models which if the display rumours are to carry on to this could be offset also – a smaller display would in turn lead to a lower power draw and so may not be as big a sacrifice as it initially seems.

Modern devices tend to change very little, the hardware inside powering them remains very similar amongst flagship devices and performance tends to remain quite similar, if users are looking for something a bit different to encourage a change, then small differences such as display size, battery power, charging capacity, and other small adjustments may be an important distinction – with much of the information being provided simply being rumour for the newest devices there could be some further changes to note, but it does appear that major changes could be coming to the latest devices, and meeting a changing demand from the consumer too.

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