Are you an Apple user? See everything you can do with Home Kit

With the passage of time we have more and more devices connected to the Internet. Many of them can be managed from applications or through a virtual assistant. The variety of these is very large, and it may end up happening that we find different applications for this. So it is important to have some system that acts as the center of everything. Being able to interconnect all the devices, and being able to manage them from the same place, can make our lives easier. Apple HomeKit is one of the most famous currently, making the home automation with Apple be more accessible. Are you an Apple user? See all you can do.

Introduction to Apple HomeKit

In 2014 Apple introduced us to HomeKit, its solution to enter the home automation market. At first it was just an idea of ​​what this could become, with more ideas than reality. But in 2016, they presented their final version together with iOS 10, and the new Casa o Home application. It was at this time that a great leap was seen in the quality and functionalities that it could offer. They created a powerful system, with the design characteristics and simplicity that characterize the brand of the bitten apple.

Apple HomeKit Logo

Apple’s bet was clear. Betting on homes with small smart devices under the name IoT. All this, allowing other brands to create their own devices capable of connecting to this system, along with a certification to make it clear that they are compatible. And not only that, but these don’t stop coming onto the market, as Apple is reaching many agreements to implement HomeKit in more accessories.

The epicenter of HomeKit

The HomeKit app can be downloaded to all Apple devices. But if it is on an iPhone, it can be difficult to always be available to everyone in the house. The most normal thing is that if we have a smartphone, we always carry it with us, and it is not always in the house. Therefore, Apple gives us a very intelligent solution through several options.

HomePod Mini devices

The first and most common is through a smart speaker. These can be the HomePod or the HomePod Mini. In the case of the HomePod, we are dealing with a discontinued product, so it can be difficult to find. But we can buy a HomePod Mini, which we highly recommend. We can buy this small speaker for about 100 euros, and it has Siri integration and all its features. Therefore, we can control everything from it.

On the other hand, we can use Apple TV, which also has the ability to control everything. But this has some advantages. As we have a television, we can see what the security cameras are recording quickly and easily, among all the advantages that having a screen gives us. Of course, Siri is integrated to be able to perform all the functions just like with the HomePod Mini. This makes installing all home automation with Apple very easy.


Without a doubt, before these two devices we cannot recommend so much that the center of everything be an iPhone or an iPad. But from these we have an application which can completely revolutionize the operation of all the devices that we have connected at home. This is Shortcuts. With this app, we will be able to create commands with an overwhelming level of complexity. What can we do with these commands? Well, pretty much whatever we want.

Logo Shortcuts Apple

The simplest example is to create a command where simply by pressing an icon, the lights turn on with a specific tone and the music starts, while the thermostat establishes the temperature that we have set. With Shortcuts, we can adapt all the home automation devices in our house, completely.

Compatible devices

As we have mentioned, Apple has reached agreements with many brands so that they make their devices compatible. But this is not reduced to lights, plugs or security cameras. If not, we have some options, which are largely unknown to install home automation with Apple.

  • Air conditioners.
  • Proximity sensors.
  • Door locks.
  • Door motors.
  • Blinds, curtains and blinds.
  • Faucets and irrigation.
  • Video intercoms.

As you can see, HomeKit is a very complete tool that allows us to control through home automation from the door of our house to the care of the garden. In order to see everything that it offers us along with the functionalities of the shortcuts with Shortcuts, it is best to use it.

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