Signing in to Skype is now more difficult, for your safety

Security when logging on to the Internet is very important. We must use good passwords, activate two-step authentication and, also, that the services we use are reliable. To do this, something common is having to fill in what is known as captcha. Basically it is to verify that we are not a bot. Now Skype poses a more complex challenge to verify that we are indeed a legitimate user.

Skype asks to fill in a captcha 10 times

As reported by new users who sign up for Skype, this popular service for making video calls over the Internet asks to fill out a complex captcha no less than 10 times. Only then do they allow them to register on this platform and be able to use it on their devices.

It seems that it is no longer enough to verify the email account, but it is also necessary to fill in these “puzzles” up to 10 times. The reason, very clear: improve user security and prevent bots that aim to steal data, sneak malware, etc. from registering.

But of course, as always there is a balance between security and usability. For many, this Skype idea is not the best. The reason is that it is annoying having to fill in the captcha up to 10 times, which is complex. Surely on some occasion you have failed to select an image. Imagine having to do it 10 times in a row.

This type of captchas is usually a series of photographs where, for example, they ask us to mark all the boats or buses that appear. Although it is simple, users do not always get it right the first time because some images can be somewhat dubious. This is exactly what they are looking for so that a bot cannot hit it.

More than five minutes to register

From Bleeping Computer they assure that it took more than five minutes to be able to fill in all these necessary captchas. In addition, after sending it, they found that some answer was incorrect and they had to start the process all over again. Without a doubt, this can set back more than one.

They claim that they were not connected from a VPN or connection that would make Skype hesitate, but simply from a common network. There are users who have even indicated that it took half an hour to complete this process correctly. All this, as we say, after having previously verified the e-mail account.

We are, therefore, before a new Skype method to verify user accounts and keep bots out. It is true that these types of rogue users are a major security problem, that they can be used to launch cyber attacks and keeping them away is essential for everyone. However, having to fill in up to 10 captchas is annoying for users and many will even decide not to continue with the process.

In short, if you plan to create an account on Skype, you should know that, at least for the moment, you will have to fill in a complex captcha up to 10 times before you can log in. We recommend that you always have a good password and activate 2FA in Skype to avoid intruders.

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