Are you looking for a robot vacuum cleaner with WiFi? These features cannot be missing

What to consider in a smart robot vacuum cleaner

As with any smart device you buy, a Wi-Fi enabled robot can have different characteristics depending on the model. Therefore, choosing which one suits you best according to what you need is essential. There may also be important differences in price between one model and another.


An important feature is the issue of sensors. There are models that are capable of detecting certain areas and not going through it, for example a pet’s feeder. Also know how to identify when there is a step. Even from the application you will be able to indicate areas or spaces where you do not want it to act.

He type of sensors and their possibilities will depend a lot from one model to another. It is a section that you should take a good look at. Logically, what is interesting is that it has good sensors and has many functions such as the ones we have mentioned, of being able to select an area so that it does not act or detect certain objects.


suction power is measured in pascals. The older, the better. That will also make it cost more or less. You will find models with around 900-1000 PA, while others can exceed 5000. That will also affect the battery, since it will need more or less energy.

A good suction power is from 3000 PA. From there we can consider a good model. If you can buy one that goes over 4,000 and even close to 5,000, all the better. However, the latter would already be high-end and you will have to pay more for it.

For example, this Cecotec model has a suction power of 3000:

battery life

The autonomy of the robot vacuum cleaner is also important. It is usually between 90 and 120 minutes, although there will be models that do not reach that figure and others that even come close to three hours. When you go to choose between the different models that are available, it is a factor that you should take into account.

The fact that the battery lasts longer is interesting so that it gives time to clean the whole house. In this way you will prevent the robot from having to return to its base, charge itself and then continue cleaning.

Application with many options

A good smart robot with Wi-Fi is going to have a full application. This application will allow you to control from your mobile when to clean the house, create modes and schedule it automatically. Some models have more functions and this is interesting if you want to get the most out of this type of device.

Some models also allow you to control them by voice. They are the most advanced and modern. An alternative to not having to use the mobile application, but simply giving commands by voice just like you would to turn a smart light bulb on or off.

different modes

This point is also important. Depending on the model, you will be able to find them only with a vacuum cleaner function, but also for scrubbing or mopping. If you want something more complete, the ideal is for it to be an all-in-one and also have tank for liquids and thus be able to take advantage of and scrub the floor after vacuuming.

You will always be able to configure the different modes through the application. You may want him to just vacuum one day, while another day you may also want him to mop the floor. You can always manage it.

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