Argentina: Man campaigns to help his son with leukemia; let him die and bought a house

Total outrage caused a man for having used the funds from a collection, made for his sick son, and bought a house in the city of Salta, Argentina. His ex-partner denounced him for this fact, but highlights that he had already accused him before the authorities for the crime of domestic and gender violence.

This is how the Complex Economic Crimes Unit (UDEC) conducted the investigations and succeeded in showing that the man used the money collected for personal purposes. In addition to him, they also retained their current partner. In this case, the crimes to be prosecuted are fraud and fraudulent administration, according to El Clarín.

Used the money for personal gain

In this same month, but in 2019, the defendant made a collection to help his son, who suffered Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, disease that had to be treated in state United where he would receive care and treatment so that he could save his life.

This is how good-hearted people decided to do their bit for the cause without knowing that things would happen differently. Unfortunately, his son died in June of last year, in the “poverty total and with debts in the sanatoriums “where he was treated.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office for Complex Economic Crimes (CIF), the suspect withdrew $ 1,200,000 from his bank account a month before his 14-year-old son died. The investigations showed that he had begun to carry out procedures with a real estate agency to acquire a house, which he put in the name of his current partner when making the purchase. But that was not all, as the detained woman bought a car.

After being detained by elements of the police, they found cash and papers related to the donation drive. For now, both are detained in the town hall of the town.


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