Attentive! The Beats Studio3 Wireless at half price

One of the most iconic headphones on the market is undoubtedly the Beats Studio, both for its design and for all the disparity of opinions that this brand has always aroused in the public. Well, surely there is no better time to buy the Beats Studio3 Wireless, since the discount they have on Amazon is really beastly.

Beats Studio3 Wireless reduced almost in half

Beats is a historical mark In the world of sound, in fact, surely everyone knows their image because if they have done something right, it has been to sell their product in the best possible way. Later we will talk about the features that these headphones have, but first you have to know the piece of discount that they currently have on Amazon.

beat studio

The usual price of Beats headphones is not usually cheap, although it is true that it is within what the rest of the alternatives offer. However, right now they have a discount of more than 50%which makes that you can save up to 180 euros when buying these headphones. The offer is really incredible, and without a doubt, it is a great opportunity for all users who were thinking of purchasing this product. In addition, this discount is present in all available colors, which are the following.

  • Blue.
  • White.
  • Gray.
  • Matt black.
  • Red.
  • red and black

Are these headphones worth it?

One of the most recurring questions whenever we talk specifically about the Beats Studio3 Wireless is whether they are really worth it taking into account the rest of the alternatives that can be found on the market at the same price. Well, it’s true that If we compare the original price of these Beats with other headphones such as the Sony WH1000XM4, the reality is that under no circumstances can the Beats Studio3 Wireless be recommended.

Beats Studio3 and AirPods Max

This is because they are headphones that carry long time without undergoing a renovation that can make them truly compete with the best alternatives on the market. The cancellation they have is not active, that is, you will not be able to switch between different modes of dealing with external noise as other headphones do, and the sound quality, despite being very good, is one step below the Sony or from the AirPods Max themselves.

Therefore, at its original price, that is, if you had to buy the Beats Studio3 Wireless for 349 euros, our recommendation is that you do not. However, taking into account that they have up to 180 euros discountthen yes, buying them can be a very good option for those users who do not want to spend more than 200 euros on headphones, but want something striking and, moreover, with one of the most attractive designs that you can find anywhere. the market.

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