Auchan mobile plan: enjoy 20 GB of Internet for less than €5 per month

If 20 GB of data is enough to cover your mobile needs, you can subscribe to this new Auchan Telecom plan for less than €5 per month. All on the Bouygues Telecom network.

Here is a low-cost mobile plan that should interest you. Auchan Telecom has just launched a 20 GB offer at €4.99 per month. Usually, this plan is charged at €9.99 per month. The promotional rate is valid for one year, then it will systematically return to €10. Being non-binding, you are free to stop after 12 months or at any time during the promotional period.

If you are interested in this Auchan Telecom mobile format, you have until February 15, 2022 to subscribe. Enough to take advantage of a solid 20 GB data envelope which should cover the needs of most smartphone users when they are not connected to WiFi. You therefore benefit from a monthly reduction of €5 (-50%). The savings that can be made over the year thus amounts to €60.

As this package is reserved for new subscribers, you must provide 10 € for the purchase of a SIM card when subscribing. Be aware that the operator offers two other offers that may also be of interest to you. For the €7.99, you can opt for a mobile plan with 30 GB of data per month. And for €9.99 per month, you have a data envelope of 50 GB per month.

The difference with these two plans is that by subscribing now (until February 15, 2022), the price will not change after one year. These are therefore “lifetime” mobile plans.

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