Avoid Chrome’s Err_Connection_Reset error

Steps to fix it

You can perform a series of steps if you come across the error Err_Connection_Reset when you try to open a web page in Chrome. These recommendations that we are going to show can be used to correct the different causes that are going to cause this problem in the Google browser.

Check connection status

The first thing you should do is see that the Internet connection works well. This may be the first cause of the problem and, in case you detect that something is wrong, you can correct it. Especially if you are connected by Wifi, it is convenient to do a speed test and check that what you should get arrives and there are no problems. The signal may be very weak, you are using a saturated channel or the wrong band.

What can you do if you notice that this is the cause? The essential thing is to get the internet speed is adequate and no cuts appear. You will have to install a repeater, Mesh system or PLC devices so that the coverage improves. It is also important that you are using the correct band. In general, the 2.4 GHz is the best when you connect far from the router and the 5 GHz to have the maximum speed, although it is more sensitive to distance.

See if the VPN has problems

If you have connection failures, it may be due to the use of a VPN. These types of applications could harm the signal and cause this type of problem to appear, such as the Err_Connection_Reset error in Chrome. You can check that it is well configured and it works correctly.

For example, something essential in a VPN is choose a server that works well. Normally these programs will have multiple options from which you can choose. Of course, our advice is to always install a VPN with guarantees, if possible avoid the ones that are free, since this way you will achieve the best performance and you will also avoid security problems that may affect you.

You can avoid this type of problem if you use a good VPN. There are many, but among the most popular and that work well we can name ExpressVPN and NordVPN. This way you will ensure that your data is protected at all times, but also that it does not interfere with browsing.

Solve conflicts with the antivirus

Although having security programs It is very important, you have to take into account that sometimes they can interfere with the signal and cause problems. An antivirus could be blocking the connection, but you have to be especially careful with the firewall. Is the firewall blocking the Google Chrome connection? Maybe that’s the cause.

What you can do is simply disable the firewall or enter the settings to see that it is indeed working well and is not blocking the browser, which would lead to problems like the one we are seeing in this article and would not allow a web page to open properly. .

We recommend using guaranteed antivirus, since in this way we will reduce the risk of problems of this type appearing. For example Windows Defender is a good option, but so are Avast or Bitdefender. Likewise, we do not recommend browsing the Internet without having this type of application installed.

Verify that the extensions work well

Another reason why there may be this type of error is because of the browser plugins. If you have recently installed an extension, it is best to verify that it is really working correctly and is not causing problems. In the case of Chrome, to see it you have to click on the menu at the top right, access More tools and enter Extensions. They will all appear there.

It is important that you only install the ones that you are actually going to use. The more you have, the more problems can appear. Also, the interesting thing is that you download the add-ons only from legitimate sources, which would be in this case the official Chrome store. This ensures that you are installing software that has not been maliciously modified.

It is also advisable to regularly monitor these plugins. Check that they are updated, that they have not changed their name and that their function is totally different and check that they do not affect the speed of navigation.

Keep equipment in good condition

It is also essential to always have the up-to-date and protected equipment. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can lead to failures of this type, but also even after an update, if it has not finished correctly, we can have similar problems. Therefore, it is essential to check that we have the latest version installed.

In the case of Windows you have to go to Start, enter Settings and click on Windows Update. This will take you to a new window where possible pending updates will appear and you just have to install them, restart the computer and check if this error has disappeared.

Update Windows 11

You can also do the same with Google Chrome itself, which in this case is the browser that throws the Err_Connection_Reset error. In this case you have to click on the menu at the top right, go to Help and access Google Chrome Information. It will automatically start adding a new version if one is available.

Update Google Chrome

But having the browser in good condition also means that it is protected, that you always use official applications and that you carry out a review from time to time to see if you have an outdated drive or application and that it may be creating a conflict when opening a web page. .

In short, these are the steps you should take if you see that when you open a web page you get the Err_Connection_Reset problem in Google Chrome. It is a relatively common error and in the event that it appears, it will mean that you will not be able to open a web page normally or even any page that you try to open.

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