Avoid the proxy and go directly to the Internet with these options

Simple steps to bypass proxy blocking

So, can we bypass proxy blocking and surf the internet directly? We have different options for this, as we are going to explain. The objective is just what we mentioned: that the connection does not go through an intermediary and thus goes faster.

Configure automatic connection in the browser

A simple first option is change browser settings so that it connects directly to the network through the gateway and not through a proxy. We can do this in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge or any of the browsers that we have installed.

However, this is not always going to work and it is just a basic trick that could sometimes help us. If there is a well configured control software this might not be enough. It will also depend on your network settings. But yes, it is a first step that we can take.

Use Google as a web proxy

One of the simplest and most useful options available to us is to use Google as a web proxy. We can make use of your translator or from GoogleWeblight, which is a service to load pages more quickly, although simplifying the content to make it lighter.

This allows us to enter a web page through these services and not directly to them. Therefore, we can bypass the proxy and blocking that may exist in our network. We would not see the web page in its original appearance, but it is very similar.

Convert a page to PDF or download it

This trick also allows you to bypass the proxy. The first thing is that we can use an online service that allows us to convert an HTML web into a PDF file. What we basically do is download it in PDF and be able to read the content without blocking. An example is Sejda’s service.


An alternative is to download a PDF page from another computer or before connecting to the proxy. In this way we will have the file downloaded and we will be able to access it at any time and see all the content without there being any type of block that prevents it.

More complex options to avoid a proxy

We have talked about some simple tricks that we can easily put into practice. However, it is not uncommon for these steps to not really help us on many occasions. For this reason, we are going to show some more complex alternatives, but which will most likely help us navigate directly without a proxy.

Use a VPN

We can choose to install a VPN and connect through it. This will allow encryption of the connection, hide the real IP address and that it is this service that sends us the information that we are really going to receive on the computer. It is an alternative so that we can surf the net when there is a blockage.

There are many programs available, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN, to name a few. Whichever one we choose, it is important that we avoid those that are free, since in many cases they can be a significant problem for security and do not encrypt connections well.

SSH tunnel

Another option is to use a SSH tunnel or SSH Tunneling. It is a configuration that allows us to encrypt all the traffic of our equipment. It basically acts like a VPN, so it prevents other intermediary applications from intercepting and analyzing the traffic, such as a proxy.

This will require a series of configurations on the equipment and is a more complex process. However, it is an alternative for more expert users who need to bypass a proxy and want to browse the Internet without restrictions.

Tor browser

We can also choose to use the tor browser. It is considered as a private option to surf the net and an alternative to other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. It is able to evade the blocks of a local proxy and be able to access web pages without problems.

It is not infallible, since if the proxy has blocked DNS requests it will probably not solve the problem. However, it is another option that we can use. We have to download the program for free from its website and we can install it on the different operating systems.

Share connection with mobile

If we are connecting to a Wi-Fi network and this forces us to navigate through a proxy, one more alternative is to share a network with our mobile. In this way we will be browsing through mobile data, without any type of blocking and always keeping privacy safe.

We can do this with any mobile nowadays. Basically we have to create a shared network and access it from the computer or any device. We advise creating a password that is good, so that intruders cannot access it.

In short, these are some options that we have available to be able to bypass a proxy and surf the Internet without restrictions. We have seen that there are different alternatives, although not all of them will work the same. We can try to find the one that can really help us.

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