Avoid this if you are going to register on any website or program

What mistakes to avoid when registering on a page

It is important that you do not make these mistakes when you go to register on a page or forum. But why can it be dangerous to be wrong with the Username? That could be used by a hacker even in the long term to launch strategies to steal passwords or somehow get to personal data they want to get.

Use your email as username

A common mistake is to use the e-mail as the username. That is, you have an email and when you register on a page you decide to use the same name you have in Gmail or the provider you use. The problem is that you would be exposing the address, even if it is without the domain name.

Anyone could identify that it is the same name you use in your email and try to spam you. They might even send you a Phishing mailindicating that there is some supposed problem for you to take the bait and make a mistake.

use personal information

You should also avoid putting personal information. For example, avoid registering on a page or forum on the Internet with your first and last name as a user. It is a data that will be exposed and anyone will be able to see it. They could find you on the Internet, access your social networks and somehow link that account.

The ideal thing to avoid problems is that you create an account with a neutral username, that has an invented name and not put your real data. That will make your privacy always present on the network.

Always use the same name

Another mistake that you should avoid is always use the same name of user. Because it’s not good? Sometimes there may be problems that affect a specific web page. For example, user data, passwords or information that may be used against us could be leaked. One thing they can do is simply search other pages and records for that same user to see if the data matches.

Therefore, if we are perfectionists and want maximum security and privacy for online accounts, the ideal is to have a unique name in each case and thus reduce the risk of problems.

put a weak password

You shouldn’t use a weak password. This is very important for security and you should always check it every time you create an account on the Internet. Take a good look at what key you are setting and follow the essential recommendations. There are many programs that can crack passwords and put us in danger.

A good password is one that is difficult to remember. Therefore, do not use single words, dates, common phrases, etc. Ideally, it should be totally random and have letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

As you can see, when creating a user on the Internet it is important that you follow certain recommendations so as not to have problems. The objective is to maintain security and privacy both in the short term, and also to prepare ourselves in case there is a problem with that page or platform in the future.

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