AWS and Minsait come together to facilitate the advancement of companies and public administration in the cloud

Minsaitthe subsidiary dedicated to Indra’s digital transformation solutions, and AWShave signed a collaboration agreement to facilitate and accelerate the migration and progress in the cloud of companies and public administrations in Spain. AWS, which is bringing its Initiate event to Spain this fall (in which Minsait is also participating), has pointed out, together with the Indra subsidiary, that the agreement they have signed has three axes.

The first of the three is focused on migration to the cloud in the areas of defense, education, health and transport for public administrations, as well as for third sector companies. Both nationally, regionally and locally. The second of these three axes is a commitment to the digital transformation of the digital sector and industry in Spain, for which they use the promotion of the benefits of adopting the cloud. Also the development of digital skills in promotional events.

As for the third axis of the agreement, it focuses on the preparation of guidance documents. These offer recommendations and use cases, with which the entities of the Public Administration that want to take the step to the cloud can have an orientation in this regard. The recommendations will highlight the security and privacy capabilities of the AWS Cloud to comply with European laws and standards.

Minsait, which is part of the AWS ISV Accelerate and AWS Solution Provider programs, also offers local technical support, providing customers with experience in cybersecurity, external encryption, business consulting, technological support and infrastructure monitoring, as well as advanced management models. hybrid cloud.

This agreement comes shortly before the opening of the new infrastructure region that AWS is finalizing in Aragon, with which the company’s clients will be able to execute workloads and store data in Spain in a secure manner, in accordance with data management and protection regulations. On the other hand, Minsait is deploying its remote control solutions in its phygital area in AWS, which will allow it to reduce the initial investment costs and infrastructure upgrade costs by almost half.

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