Back 4 Blood: the new trailer reveals the arrival on Xbox Game Pass on day one

With a new trailer shown at the Microsoft conference at E3 2021, Back 4 Blood, the new cooperative PVE multiplayer title from Warner Bros Games and Turtle Rock Studios, has revealed its arrival on Xbox Game Pass at day one.

Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass on day one

The trailer for E3 of Back 4 Blood showcased new gameplay scenes from the co-op shooter coming in October, while also offering a first look at the mode PvP competitive called mode Swarm, which will allow two teams to clash with each other and take turns taking on the roles of Exterminators and Haunted, thus offering a unique way to experience and experience the world of Back 4 Blood from a completely new and exciting perspective.

Back 4 Blood is a fast-paced cooperative first-person shooter, developed by the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead series, and features a heart-pounding, dynamic and ever-changing gameplay system that allows customization of actions and offers high replay value. The story of Back 4 Blood takes place after a catastrophic epidemic in which most of humanity has died or been infected with the parasite known as the Devil’s Worm. A group of survivors of this zombie apocalypse, hardened by unspeakable events and ready to fight for the salvation of humanity, have adopted the name of Exterminators and have come together to fight the hideous Infested and regain control of the world.

Back 4 Blood will be available on October 12, 2021 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Who pre-order will be able to access the Open Beta in Early Access from 5 to 9 August and get the Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack. It is possible to register on the official website to participate in the Open Beta from 12 to 16 August.

In the meantime, here’s the new trailer:

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