Be careful what you see on YouTube! They are sneaking viruses into you without you knowing it

YouTube videos with AI contain malware

These videos are mainly tutorials for use different programs such as Adobe Photoshop or AutoCAD. They are created by AI and in the description part, as you will see in many videos, they have different links. The problem is that those links actually lead to pages that are fraudulent. They are websites created to scam.

In those links, in many cases they directly promise to download Photoshop or any program. But of course, when the victim enters and downloads the file, what they are actually downloading is malicious software. You are installing a virus in charge of stealing information of all kinds, passwords, etc.

According to the report made by CloudSEK, hackers create these legitimate-looking videos, created by artificial intelligence, and sometimes even display fake links in the video. Other times those links are in the description. Whatever the strategy, the objective is that the victims who see those videos end up entering those links.

What can they steal? Could steal passwords of all kinds, bank card numbers, bank accounts or any confidential information that may be on that device. They can also attack text files on the system, Excel sheets or any relevant data on the device.

One of its goals is also to reach take control of accounts They have thousands of followers. It is one more way to spread and reach more and more people. Therefore, they may have a special interest in stealing the social networks or YouTube accounts of users who have many followers.

How to avoid YouTube scams

So what can we do to avoid YouTube scams? The most important thing is the common sense. You should avoid making mistakes that could put your security at risk. If you are going to watch a video on YouTube, be careful with any links that may be in the description. Always check the links well and do not download files that may be a trap.

It is also important that you have a good anti virus. This will help you detect and remove threats that may reach your system. There are many options, such as Microsoft Defender itself, Avast or any other. You have to make sure that you are using one that is guaranteed and does not pose a problem for your security.

On the other hand, many of these threats exploit security flaws. Have All updated It’s very important. You should always install any new version of the system, of any program that you use, such as the browser, etc. That will help you not to have problems.

In short, as you can see they are taking advantage of videos created by artificial intelligence on YouTube to sneak malware and steal passwords and information of all kinds. It is important to take precautions and not fall into the trap. The goal is to make everything work well and preserve privacy on the network. You can always see what to do if YouTube videos don’t load well.

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