Best anti-hacking credit card cases: which model to choose in 2022?

With the appearance of contactless came a new legitimate fear: having your bank card hacked. To protect you, here is our selection of anti-RFID bank card cases.

Our selection of anti-RFID credit card cases in 2022

Contactless payment saves valuable time on a daily basis. For amounts under 50 euros, you no longer need to enter your code. In these pandemic times, it is also an effective way to prevent the spread of certain viruses and germs. But every technological innovation is a new opportunity for hackers. With a simple bank payment terminal, it is possible to rob a large number of people without them even realizing it. Fortunately, today there is a parade to protect yourself. Credit card cases have been created to block the slightest RFID transmission. As a result, as soon as your card is in this type of case, it is impossible to use contactless to steal your money. Here is our selection of the best cases to protect your contactless payment card.


Valonic’s anti-RFID bank card protector is one of the most popular today. It is a very simple case in appearance, but one of the sides is transparent to allow you to find the CB you are interested in very easily. The case provides NFC and RFID certified protection.

To be able to get your cards out quickly, the Valonic case has a small notch for the thumb and a hole in the middle to quickly slide your card out of the case.

Boxiki Travel

Boxiki sells here a complete kit for the protection of your data. It includes 12 credit card-sized cases and 3 additional ones in a larger format for your passports. Naturally, it will completely block the slightest attempt to transmit data in RFID.

To find your way around your cards, each case has a color code to quickly identify the desired card. The case also protects quite well against water and scratches, and has a small notch to easily remove the card from the case.

plastic walltrust

If you are looking for more rigid protection, especially if you like to have your cards directly in your pocket without slipping them into any wallet, you can count on Walltrust’s plastic case. The latter of course offers the protection you are looking for, but with a solidity and rigidity that makes it easy to use when you are not a big fan of wallets.

Naturally, thanks to its design, Walltrust’s hard plastic case has a much longer lifespan than all other soft cases.

Transparent Walltrust

Walltrust also offers anti-hacking cases, one side of which is transparent, so that you can find the bank card you want in the blink of an eye. These are also of the same build quality as the other products of the brand, and also have a notch and a perforation in the center like the Valonics in order to allow you to slide your card easily.


The Amazy protection kit is primarily intended for those who have a wallet. The cases provided by the brand can indeed be opened on the side, like most other cases, but also on the top. Thus, you can slip your protective pouch into your wallet, and take out your cards freely as soon as you want to use contactless in a totally natural and transparent way.

Amazy cases also benefit from color codes to be sure to always have the right card on hand. No need to change your habits to protect yourself!

What does RFID mean?

RFID is the acronym of the English term Radio Frequency IDentification, which means Radio Frequency Identification. In French, we can also use the term Radio-Identification. It is a technology that allows remote data recovery. In recent years, it has been integrated into most bank cards to allow contactless payment. But this technology is present everywhere around us without our realizing it. It is present in your pet’s chip, in your public transport card, in your biometric passport, in certain packages…

What is the danger of RFID?

If RFID technology is very practical, it is because it suffices to approach a radio frequency reader to obtain the data contained in the RFID tag or chip. If you carry cards that contain RFID chips, there is therefore a risk that a hacker will seize your data and/or your money. Today there are tutorials on the internet for making your own “sniffers”, specialized devices for practicing this kind of scam. It is therefore an increasingly widespread practice.

What is an RFID blocking case?

If you are used to storing your wallet or your bank card directly in the pocket of your pants or your jacket, it is very easy for a thief to discreetly approach a “sniffer” there to make a payment. without contact or steal your data. An anti-RFID case is designed to block radio waves and protect you from this kind of theft. Anti-RFID protections can be integrated directly into a wallet or into a simple plastic case to protect each card individually. It works on the principle of the Faraday cage which blocks electromagnetic fields, including radio waves.

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