Best-selling Among Us on Nintendo Switch

InnerSloth wanted to make the most of the pull that streamers gave it and that, to this day, continues to provide huge amounts of benefits on PC. To this end, he rushed to carry out a project that he had in mind for a long time: launching Among Us on Switch.

Finally last month ended up seeing the light, so thirty days later A first assessment can be made of what the arrival of this original title to the Nintendo hybrid has meant.

Three million of digital units

When talking about sales of both consoles and video games, one of the most reliable companies in data collection is SuperData. It is precisely this company that has published information that shows what was expected of said title for Nintendo Switch owners.

And it is that in the aforementioned platform, since its premiere in mid-December, a total of a little more than three million. Of course, we are talking about digital copies, since is not sold in physical format .

If to this we add that the good conversion from PC to Switch costs a little more than four euros, minus the commission that Nintendo takes, it means millionaire profits for the developer InnerSloth.

These Figures show several aspects that other companies will take into account in the future. First of all, you don’t need to shape stunning graphics to succeed in today’s video game market.

One original, interesting and groundbreaking proposal that has never been seen before in said industry. Complicated? Without a doubt, although hiring the best thinking minds is a good idea if you want to reap a success of such caliber.

On the other hand, it is also evident that a high investment is not required. The budget to develop Among Us was ridiculous compared to all the benefits it has obtained since 2018, although above all it began to register figures never seen before when it became popular on the Twitch platform .

Porting the computer version to Switch has taken almost no effort for InnerSloth. In fact, based on this aspect, the few complaints that the title has received arise, related to its higher price on the Nintendo platform compared to what it has in PC stores such as Steam.

New map in 2021

In part, the high sales of Nintendo Switch are driven by the future plans of the company . Abandoning a money-making machine as its star video game is right now does not enter the roadmap by any means. Quite the contrary: it has already announced that 2021 is the year chosen for the publication of the most ambitious map seen so far in the title.

Of course, its inclusion will be one hundred percent free for game owners. This type of news further boosts sales that promise to become stratospheric on Nintendo Switch because of how well and comfortable Among Us is played in the hybrid.

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